Forgive me if it seems like I am donning a tinfoil hat, but more and more I get the impression that we are living in an upside-down world.

You know, one in which a city puts more effort into protecting the shoplifting vagrants who leave hepatitis infected needles and their own shit on city streets than the law-abiding citizens who pay the taxes to operate the city.  Upside-down, like that.

Progressives always progress.  It’s in their name.  The point of being a Progressive is to always be inducing change, continuously pushing the vanguard.

Case in point: gay marriage and LGBT issues.  The LGBT community said they wanted the right to marry and be just like everyone else.  They won that right (deservedly so) in 2015 with Obergefell v. Hodges.  The Progressive movement didn’t pause for an instant to let society adjust to this new normal before going to the next major societal change, demanding that men who identify as women can use girls’ locker rooms and women’s bathrooms and so on.

Abortion advocates won in 1973 with Roe v. Wade.  The mantra I remember from when I was younger and first started to get interested in politics was “safe, legal, and rare.”  Since I finished high school, the mantra has shifted to “abortion on demand, without apology.”  Now women are supposed to “shout their abortion” to “normalize” and “destigmatize” abortion, and feminists want Disney Princesses to have abortions.

So yesterday Planned Parenthood Tweeted this:

Abortion is most certainly not moral.  The majority opinion in the United States is that abortion is awful, but it is a necessary awful.  It’s an out for a woman that has no good options.

This is the essence behind “safe, legal, and rare.”

As we learned from the firing of Planned Parenthood President, Leana Wen, Planned Parenthood isn’t a women’s healthcare organization.  It is an ideologically driven abortion mill.

So why are they trying to sell the idea that abortion is moral and why do abortion advocates put so much emphasis on dehumanizing the unborn, doing things like using euphemisms like “embryonic pulsing” to describe a fetal heartbeat?

Here is where I think this s going.

The radical environmentalists tell us to have fewer children to reduce our carbon footprint, and that “having children is one of the most destructive things you can to do the environment.”

We’ve watched as the radical Left in Silicon Valley and the entertainment industry have kowtowed, groveled, subjugated, and prostrated themselves to China.  I’m convinced that this is more than just about the money.  The Left has an ideological love for China.  What else is the Chinese social credit policy but cancel culture turned into goverment policy.

Lastly, the Left wants universal government-run healthcare.  Keep in mind that the NHS  in the UK has decided that it has the right to deny life-saving healthcare to people they deem racist.  This proves that under government-run healthcare, you do not own your own body, you are a subject to the whims of bureaucracy.

So let us add all of these things together.

What I see is a movement that openly advocates for abortion to combat climate change.

Yes, Bernie let it slip that this is what he wants to do in poor countries overseas.

I’m saying that this will become a domestic movement and that eventually, advocates will demand that single-payer healthcare will be used to make abortion heavily encouraged if not mandatory to combat climate change.

Instead of getting tax breaks for having kids, after the first or second child, you get punitive tax penalities.  How many people would contemplate a free government-funded abortion if when they have a third child, they get hit with a $20,000 tax bill?  More kids mean you cost the government more money, so it’s only reasonable to stop people from having more than their fair share of children.

This will serve the radical Left the additional benefit that one of the Demographics in America that has the most number of children is religious conservatives, e.g., evangelicals, Mormons, and Orthodox Jews, who vote Republican.

Yeah, I know.  I’m crazy.  This would never happen.

Except that if I went back in time to the end of the GW Bush administration and said that there would be a national movement to chemically castrate middle school children and that we let drag queens dry-hump children in libraries, you’d call me fucking nuts.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Where is PP going with this?”
  1. You already don’t own your own body in that you don’t own your own DNA and cannot patent it unless you make something novel from it and you have no recourse if someone else does because you don’t own it and you sign away any rights to it anytime you get any health care.

  2. Remember that Planned Parenthood originated as an organization that fostered a policy to keep the lower classes and especially dark skinned minorities from overwhelming the white population due to rampant reproduction. Also remember, that Margret Sanger and Adolph Hitler had a mutual admiration society regarding the need for government to keep the population of “undesirables” in check. At the present time, for political reasons, the emphasis has publicly shifted from reducing the black and brown populations to “women’s health”. However, PP still kills more minorities than white babies. Is PP racist? Maybe not, but their actions seem to suggest that they are.

    1. I was going to say this. The “Progressives” view people as livestock, to be culled as needed. They invented eugenics.

  3. In the UK, it is also settled law that the government can prevent you from giving life saving health care to your disabled child, even if you pay for that healthcare yourself (or it’s paid for by charity) and would be delivered in another country. In other words, it’s settled law in the UK that the government can kill your child if they can find some “doctors” to claim that this is best for the child.

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