The last few weeks have been very busy for me.  I did a lot of traveling and took some vacation time.

I’m now back, and the wife and I decided to catch up on some Doctor Who.

Wherever you find people going woke, you inevitably find antisemitism.  The radical Left hold Jew hatred at the core of its being.  I believe this is because the values of the Left are antithetical to Jewish values.  This starts with the prohibition of idolatry and goes from there.

Whenever you look at the rise of power Leftist governments, they are hardly based on principles and entirely on personality of the leader.  History is full of examples of this, Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot, Chavez, etc.  Think about the US Presidency from 2008-2016.  What the hell did the Left stand for?  Universal Healthcare and OBAMA!!!

But I digress…

I think you get my point though.

The Left hates the Jews.  Woke Jew hatred is still Jew hatred, with added mental gymnastics to justify their Jew hatred while maintaining a self righteous belief that they are not racist and are fighting for the oppressed minorities.

The British Labour Party, lead by Jeremy Corbyn has been overwhelmed with latent antisemitism, to the point where they can’t hide it anymore.  This is the state of Woke Britain.

So… Doctor Who.

The last episode I watched is Demons of the Punjab.  Yeah, I know, I’m a couple of weeks behind.

The episode is getting all sorts of praise on Twitter for being both the first episode entirely written by POC minority writers, and for portraying the Partition of India without being Problematic.

What “not being Problematic” means is that the bigotry in the episode was entirely by the Hindu characters directed at the Muslim characters, who were entirely victims.

In reality, there were massacres on both sides.  A million people died and about 30 million were displaced as Muslim communities drove out non-Muslims, and Hindu communities drove out Muslims.  There is  reason that Pakistan is 97% Muslim and India is only 14% Muslim.

Also, just for history, Pakistan is 95% Sunni while 30% of India’s Muslims are Shia.  Not just did the Muslims not want to share land with the Hindus, but in typical Muslims fashion, once they were done fighting everyone who wasn’t Muslim, they fought each other for being the wrong kind of Muslim.

But insulting Hindus in Woke Britain isn’t a problem.  Insulting Muslims is.  So ignoring the actual history of the Partition to make the Muslims the peace wanting victims was the only way to do the episode.

So where is the Jew hatred?

In a needled throw-away line that had no effect on the plot except to include some casual antisemitism.

If you are unaware of The Doctor’s habits, The Doctor likes to run his/her mouth with all sorts of tangential anecdotes.  I guess to remind us how smart and well traveled The Doctor is.  It was really annoying with Matt Smith, because he would never shut up.  Ever.  Jodie Whitaker does the same thing, but with the added problem of requiring subtitles.

So because of plot, The Doctor is asked to officiate the wedding between a Hindu man and Muslim woman on the date of Partition.

The Doctor throws out a Doctor-ism about some historical whatnot.  In this case The Doctor mentions that the last wedding that she officiated was Albert Einstein’s.

So what, The Doctor interacts with many historical figures.

Then the throw-away line: “it was non-Denominational.”


Albert Einstein was married twice, first to Mileva Marić and later to Elsa Lowenthal Einstein.

Albert’s marriage to Maric was short lived and rocky.  His marriage to Elsa lasted until her death in 1936 and she was the wife that emigrated to the United States with him.

Albert Einstein was a practicing Jew.  He kept Kosher for most of his life, was a significant voice for Zionism, and helped support and raise money for the creation of Israel.

He pioneered the atomic bomb project because he wanted to nuke those Nazi bastards.

*Note to history, don’t piss off the Jews.  They will bend the fundamental laws of the universe just to fuck your day up.

One of the things that propagated Albert’s separation, estrangement, and eventual divorce from Maric, was she she has their sons baptized as Serbian Orthodox Christians while he was teaching at another University.

Einstein was even offered the position of the second President of Israel, but turned it down.  He wasn’t a politician, he just wanted to do physics.

So way to go BBC, it was so very Woke of you to totally deny Albert Einstein’s Judaism in a throw-away line.

Did that line serve a plot related purpose?  No.

Was there another historical figure that could have been used?  Yes.

Why do it?  Casual anti-Jew joke.

This is the first season of Doctor Who not to be produced by one of the two original men involved in the reboot, Steven Moffat or Russell T. Davies.

It sucks.  It’s full of woke bullshit.  Now Doctor Who has reached the highest level of Woke: Jew hatred.

It’s a good thing that it is already in the works to have Whitaker and Chibnall leave the series.  If this shit goes on any longer I bet there is going to be an episode in which the historical “mistake” The Doctor and her companions have to go back in time and “fix” is UN Resolution 181.

It sure as shit would make the Muslim population of the UK and Labour supporters ecstatic.

As for British Jews, well, another anti-knife PSA awkwardly shoehorned into an episode should dissuade British Muslims from their antisemitic attacks.

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By J. Kb

23 thoughts on “Where there is Woke there is Antisemitism – Doctor Who Edition”
    1. Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Red Dwarf, Fry and Laurie, Mitchell and Webb, Blackbooks, The IT Crowd; Luther, Wire in the Blood, Sherlock, Broadchurch, Murder in Paradise, Agatha Christie; Downton Abbey; Sharpe, Hornblower, Our World War…

      And that’s just television series that you can find on Netflix. Should I get into film and theater?

        1. I tend to forget that ‘Jeeves & Wooster’ wasn’t just an especially lengthy ‘Fry & Laurie’ sketch. But, yes, totally worth watching.

      1. Wire in the Blood was amazing. It’s not on Netflix right now, but I’ll also recommend “Jekyll” — James Nesbitt stars, and while the title gives a major ploy point away, I’ll just say it’s amazing.

      2. The Cadfael mystery series. Derek Jacobi rocks that cassock.

        Going back a few decades, the BBC production of “I, Claudius”. Brian Blessed, Jacobi (again!), William Hurt, Patrick Stewart, and enough spite, hatred, betrayal, and lust for power to make Game of Thrones look like a pack of 2nd graders arguing over the last Oreo.

  1. JKB,

    I assume that you are finally done with doctor who?

    These woke bastards are so proud of themselves that I don’t think they even notice how evil their companions in “wokeness” are. Sort of similar to the Dunning-Kruger effect. “We are so very, very aware of all the rights and wrongs of the world, and we are the only ones that can fix the wrongs and promote the rights! Anyone who disagrees with us is either evil or stupid!”

    As Dunning-Kruger shows, the more certain they are that they are right, the more certain we are that they are wrong.

  2. “Why anyone would watch anything British is beyond me.”

    Well there are reruns of “Are you Being Served” from the ’70s, before P.C. became a thing.

  3. Whittaker isn’t this bad, normally. I’ve loved her in other shows (esp. ‘Broadchurch’) that had competent people writing the scripts and directing the action.

    The current series of ‘Doctor Who’ clearly suffers from writers who desperately want to signal their Woke Virture and directors who don’t seem to have noticed that Matt Smith isn’t their lead actor anymore.

    Peter Capaldi’s tenure also suffered from directors who didn’t seem to understand that he wasn’t Matt Smith. There’s usually some rocky spots whenever a new actor has taken over the role (this was true in Classic Who as much as New Who) as the actor(s) adjusted to the parts, the writer(s) revamped story ideas they’d likely developed for the outgoing cast, and the director(s) learned how to make the new cast work… But ever since Tennant transitioned to Smith, it’s been especially bad. In the Capaldi run, they didn’t seem to gel until his last four or five serials. The only direction Whittaker seems to have been given is “act like Matt Smith if he’d just done a speedball!”

    The fact that Whittaker has been paired up with the three least charismatic companions since Peter Davison had to literally act alongside an unemotional puppet (Kamelion) does not help… Nor does the After-School Special quality writing.

    1. Ish—,

      All of the things you listed make me not want to watch the show. “It could be good, if only….”

      No thanks.

      Now, “The IT Crowd” started strong and generally kept me laughing all the way through.

      A few years ago someone made me watch one of the “doctor who” and I was bored silly. It was trite, bad effects, and stilted dialog, combined with bad acting. How does a show like this keep an audience?

      well, in my humble opinion, anyway….

      1. Classic Who built and kept its audience because (a) there was nothing else like it, (b) people were much more forgiving of the ultra low budget effects, and (c) excellent writing. When it was hokey, it was hokey in a fun way; when it was good, it was truly an inspired level of amazing… Compare and contrast original series ‘Star Trek’ or other contemporaries.

        New Who built an audience on nostalgia and David Tennant’s magnetic charisma. Unfortunately, the writers seem to be intent on squandering any residual good will the old Classic Who fans might have whilst also alienating any New Who fans.

        They’re doing a combination ‘Star Wars: The Woke Awokens’ / ‘Womyn Ghostbusters’ thing.

        1. I still love Classic Who because it at least had heart. The Doctor would take his time to clear up a problem on some back-water world that had no impact on anyone else, just because he was there and there was injustice. The New Who had to turn everything into The Entire Universe Is In Danger, and lost the heart in the process. The Daleks weren’t objects of pity, they didn’t multiple by the thousands through CGI, and, hey, Leela recognized that sometimes people deserve to die.

    2. A big part of the Capaldi problem, in my opinion, was the Clara character.

      We’ve been rewatching most of the New Who – DVRd them in the run-up to the newest doctor, and haven’t gotten up to her yet – and really been enjoying how tight and good the writing has been. (We’re just up to meeting Amy Pond.)

      1. The writers/directors/show-runners of New Who seem to have fallen into the trap of believing in their own hype… They make to many “Important Special Event” episodes and not enough episodes where the show is just a fun adventure-drama.

        When the New Who writers do manage to give us a classic adventure romp (e.g., Mummy on the Orient Express, Blink, Silence in the Library) they have an unfortunate tendency to re-visit and regurgitate that same episode premise again and again the next series. Retroactively ruining the original… Like when a song gets over-played on the radio.

  4. The Woke don’t hate Jews. In fact, they love Jews of the proper sort: nonobservant, “reform” with a gay female Rabbi and a BLT at lunch. The kind of people who run Jews for Palestine are the right kind of Jews to be: the kind that let you support the whole Woke “Death to Western Civ” scheme while still calling your opponents anti-Semites and Nazis.
    What the Woke hate are OBSERVANT Jews, and they hate them for the same reason they hate observant Christians: the idea that there is a sort of belief beyond social constructs and that Man owes allegiance to God above State is totally anathema to the Woke.
    They don’t hate Einstein, they just want to render him “good”, i.e. nonobservant.

    1. The Progressive Left in general hates Mommy and/or Daddy. Take any given individual Progressive Lefty and I guarantee you that whatever it is they hate the most strongly will be tied directly to their relationship with one of their parents in particular.

      Lefties in general hate the military as a matter of group identification and virtue signaling.

      But the dedicated individual Lefty who throws bricks through Marine Corps Recruitment Center windows and spits on JROTC cadets walking to school? That Lefty inevitably had a strict disciplinarian father-figure or no father-figure at all.

      Lefties in general hate organized Western religions as a matter of group identity, embracing bohemian “spirituality” and/or bohemian Buddhism (not to be confused with _actual_ Buddhism) as a virtue signaling device.

      But the dedicated individual Lefty who smears dung on religious artworks in a museum and/or files lawsuits to get two-hundred year old municipal cemeteries to tear down religious symbols? That Lefty inevitably had a religiously observant mother and/or father.

      Oikophobia, Oedipal Complexes, and Envy are the main driving forces of the radical Left.

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