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9 thoughts on “White stuff falling from the skies!”
  1. It’s happening here too, a bit later. Alas, ground-level temperature is still above freezing, so what arrives is more like melty slush.
    Supposed to continue for a few hours yet, and the temperature is falling, so maybe we’ll have a nice wintry-looking yard around sunrise.

    1. It started snowing Saturday afternoon at 35, cooled a bit. Stopped snowing by 3am Sunday and the temp was 21 when I started the plowing it. This morning it’s 14.

    1. The only people in Middle Tennessee who own snow shovels are people who moved here from up north.

      I still vividly remember the first time I saw a snow shovel for sale here. It was a total shock that Target would stock them because they are completely unnecessary here. Someone pointed out to me that enough people had moved here from Chicago and Boston and asked for snow shovels that local retailers started stocking them.

      My favorite story is when a guy from Indianapolis had just started working for us and we had some snow over the weekend. He came in the next day and started bragging about how he was out at 6 AM shoveling snow and was the only one in his neighborhood that was doing it.

      Him: “Yeah you people down here just don’t know how to deal with snow”
      Me: “So no one else shoveled their driveways, right?”
      Him: “Exactly!”
      Me: “And how long did that take you?”
      Him: “Not long, like 30-45 minutes.”
      Me: “So you were done by like 7am?”
      Him: “Yeah!”
      Me: “And where did you go after that?”
      Him: “What do you mean? Everything was closed, so there was nowhere to go.”
      Me: “And what did your neighbors’ driveways look like at 10AM?”
      Him: “Well, all the snow had melted by then.”
      Me: …
      Him: …
      Me: wink

      1. We don’t have a snow shovel, but the prospect of trying to clear 600 feet of gravel driveway with a shovel doesn’t appeal anyway.
        The county snowplow came by quite some time ago, so the roads are clear.
        There’s supposed to be a signature-required postal parcel coming today; if the driveway isn’t looking passable an hour from now I’ll just have to bundle up, put the bucket on the tractor, and see what I can do with that. Or maybe just drive the tractor back and forth a few times.

  2. I grew up in the DC area, which got it’s fair share of snow.

    Don’t waste money on a snow shovel. Get a flat bladed shovel, or a coal shovel. You can use them for stuff all year long. I think both my flat blade and coal shovel are 30 years old.

    That said, I’ve lived in Texas for over 20 years. Shoveling is mostly stupid.

    Take the morning, have an extra cup. More often than not it’ll be gone by the afternoon and besides, no matter what those yankees that came down here say, they don’t know how to drive in snow or ice anywhere near as good as they think.

  3. Andrew C. Thornton II burned in while skydiving from a Cessna 404 onto a residential street in Knoxville in 1985. He was raining coca from the skies at the time.

    I was thoroughly impressed but i didn’t start skydiving until 1989. See? Bolivian powder does fall from the skies onto TN.

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