AUSTIN, Texas — The 17-year-old who suffered a gunshot wound in an attempted aggravated robbery at the Domain earlier this week is thought to be connected to a string of nine robberies over the course of four days. Police say he was released from custody back on May 27, but cut his ankle monitor off before this week’s arrest.

Later that day — 17-year-old Jaylyn Reed is accused of trying to rob a couple at gunpoint in the Neiman Marcus parking lot in the Domain. The victim shot him, but he got in a Chevy Malibu and tried to get away. He didn’t get far. Austin police caught up with him near the Domain and he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. His accomplices – Paul Rossum and Andre Harris – were arrested, along with a juvenile who was also in the car.

Teen shot near Domain thought to be behind nine armed robberies in four days | KEYE (


Jaylyn Reed, 17, has now been charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Reed was already convicted of a series of robberies in 2021. Police say he was released from juvenile detention on May 27 with an ankle monitor, which he cut it off two days later. Reed then committed a series of nine robberies in five days, police say.

“Surveillance video recorded Reed as he exited the vehicle and approached a black male victim and a black female victim,” police wrote. “Reed pulled out a handgun and robbed the male victim of his backpack. At the same time, the other suspects in the car moved forward and waited for Reed. Reed moved toward the getaway car while pointing his handgun at the female victim. The male victim pulled out his firearm and fired several shots at Reed and those in the Chevy Malibu in self-defense.”

Texas gun owner shoots teen during alleged attempted robbery | Fox News

Remember the meme about getting bad before getting even worse? We are there and accelerating. With the justice system now a cauldron cooking whatever loads of legal BS to excuse the release of criminals, not being prepared to defend oneself is just insane.

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3 thoughts on “White Supremacist shoots beneficiary of Restorative Justice.”
  1. I wonder why no one bothers to make tamper resistant ankle monitors. It’s almost as if they are designed to be cut off. It would be so easy to make an alarm (local noise + broadcast) go off if you cut the strap.

  2. Ankle monitors are tamper resistant. If the ankle band is cut it causes the unit to start sending an alert. Unfortunately most of the time the people monitoring don’t really care. They’ve got a 1000 people they are suppose to be monitoring.

    They see monitors go off the grid all the time. If somebody walks into their basement, the signal might not get out to the monitoring station. All sorts of things like that. The battery ran out. All these things happen.

    I’m sure there are instructions on how to slip or cut an ankle band without setting off the alarm.

    Why do you think they don’t let high profile conservative suspects use the ankle monitor thing? They know exactly how easy they are to defeat.

    1. So while the public is brainwashed into thinking those devices actually do something, what you’re saying is that in reality they are just taxpayer money wasted to no purpose whatsoever.

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