This is trending on Twitter:

I bet the #Resistance is loving this.

Remember how much fun they had making fun of Trump’s hands during the election.

They must feel like kids getting full size Snickers while Trick-or-Treating.

So here is my bet:

By the end of the week at least one of the following two things will happen on CNN:

  1. An artists rendition (partially blurred is allowed) – this includes #Resistance fan art.
  2. A sex expert or therapist will explain why Trump’s unusual penis is the cause of so much of his obnoxious personality – i.e. some strange Freduian psycho-sexual whatnot.

I know that seems far fetched, but I thing we have gone through a door in space and have entered some sort of political Twilight Zone and this seems ridiculous enough to happen.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Who wants to make a bet with me?”
  1. What I’m getting out of this is that *not only* did Mr. President rock Stormy Daniels’s world and then not even clearly remember her, not only is Stormy Daniels a dead fish in bed, but Trump has a penis shaped like a Mario Kart character.

    For reference, Toad is a little over 3 feet tall. Where does he keep all of it?

  2. These days, nothing is sacred, nothing is off the table…. It’s sad.

    Read “The Dark Side of Camelot.” JFK was known to be an exuberant serial womanizer by the press corps that followed him around. On official travel, he would send proxies and sometimes agents out to “hire a secretary” to “do some typing” for him in his hotel room. In the White House, on permanent staff, were two women known as “Frick and Frack.” Their job was to always be on call for the odd moments when JFK needed to “attend to business.” JFK once told a dignitary from a foreign country that, “If I don’t ‘get a little’ twice a day, I get a headache.”

    The press corps knew this, in detail. They never said a word. At that time, these things were off the table, and everyone knew it.

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