Who wants to tell him? PA Attorney General stops 3D Gun Blueprints all by himself.

New Jersey did the same thing.  Obviously these people have no idea how the Internet works in real life. I want to bet they do believe what they see on TV and that is why they do stupid stuff like this. And of course, there is the element of grandstanding in front of the voting folks as being tough on crime.

I bet he is so savvy about the internet, he even has his own GeoCities page.

Hat Tip @RogerGascoigne

10 Replies to “Who wants to tell him? PA Attorney General stops 3D Gun Blueprints all by himself.”

    1. Don’t even have to go full TOR, just get yourself a VPN or Proxy client that attaches through a server in a state or country that does not block.the site you want to access.

      1. Of course. But 99.44% of politicians neither know nor honor the Constitution.
        There are two perfect answers to this mushroom mind: (1) what you’re trying to do is illegal; (2) what you’re trying to do can’t be done. #1 uses the Constitution, #2 uses proxies or TOR.

  1. These people are so stupid. At no point between the initial release of the plans and last week were they ever unavailable on the internet…

  2. This guy probably figured he was successful after failing to find the blueprints while using his Lycos and Excite search engines. After that he got off America Online and powered down his Packard Bell PC so he could accept incoming phone calls.

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