Two headlines:

Middle schoolers accused of sexual harassment for not using preferred pronouns, parents say


Deadnaming A Trans Person Is Violence — So Why Does The Media Do It Anyway?

Who will be the first victim of a red flag law confiscation for engaging in the “violence” of misgendering or deadnaming someone.

You don’t think it will happen?

Consider every doxxing, Twitter hate mob, swatting, and personal life ruined by internet Leftists.

Ask yourself, do you trust these people not to abuse a system that sends police to take away your guns?

Red Flag laws are their counter move to the exoneration of Kyle Rittenhouse.

They will have you disarmed for being crazy before they send the mob after you.


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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Who will be the first victim of red flag laws for this”
  1. Red flag laws are the foot in the door for confiscation. Its a case by case basis the way they are proposing it, but it will be weaponized against gun owners and conservatives. Although I can imagine a scenario where a conservative group is exercising their 1A rights…say at a gun rally (like what happened in VA with Northam was elected). I could see the left trying to make a case that entire groups of people are “dangerous” (open carry?) and a case is made for LE to go after property en masse.

  2. WTF is deadnaming???? Seriously, using the name you were born with is violence? Grow the F up!
    “Hearing or seeing one’s old name can induce a visceral sense of terror.”
    No. Nope. Don’t believe it. Not real. This is absolute BS.
    Reality. People change their names all the time. When someone calls you by your previous name, you do not feel terror. George can live his entire adult as Eric, and when he is called George because his ID shows his “deadname” he responds without collapsing into the fetal position and crying like a little girl.
    If you get a visceral sense of terror because someone uses your old/real/birth name, you are mentally ill, hiding something, or using the victim card to place yourself into a position of power.

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