I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, and how angry it makes me to hear, anti gun idiots claim that someone didn’t need to shoot an attacker armed with a knife.

Man accused in stabbing deaths of 2 people in Georgetown released from jail days earlier

Prosecutors said two murder victims killed in an apartment in Georgetown were stabbed around 160 times in total.

Seattle Police arrested John Marcel Williams for killing a 53-year-old man and a 55-year-old woman inside an apartment on the 6100 block of 4th Ave S. The murders happened Sunday afternoon around 4:15 pm when a witness discovered the two victims.

Court documents say the suspect was seen on surveillance video walking towards the apartment with Wooden, “then leaving the apartment and appears to have blood on his hands.”

Police got a 911 call about a half hour later about a man walking around covered in blood, arresting the suspect within walking distance of the murder scene.

Court records show Williams has at least 65 arrests out of California and four just this year in Washington state for attempted rape, property destruction, vehicle prowling, unlawful use of weapons and misdemeanor assault.

Williams was previously arrested Labor Day weekend for attacking workers at Bacco Café near Pike Place Market. He was only charged with misdemeanor assault in that case.

The Seattle City Attorney’s Office says they negotiated a plea agreement for Williams to serve 60 days in jail with the rest of his nearly year-long sentence suspended for 24 months.

Williams pleaded guilty to three counts of misdemeanor assault, was sentenced to 56 days in jail with credit for time served and had just been released on Friday before police said he committed the murders just two days later.

Of course this guy was arrested 65 times, spent a couple of days in jail for assault, and was released 48 hours before committing two murders.

That’s part for the course in Seattle.

The thing to note is that this guy stabbed two people 160 times.

Thats roughly 80 stab wounds per person.

Think of how long that would take?

That would turn a human into ground meat.

Absolutely a gun is legitimate defense against that level of violence.

Never let them say “he only had a knife.”

“Only had a knife” is enough to turn a person into human tartar.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Why a gun is a legitimate defense against a knife”
  1. First of all, it is always easy to monday morning quarterback. Which is what the “he only had a knife” people are doing. Well, all the anti-gun people are doing it all the time. And, those people know nothing.
    The other thing I keep hearing is “I can outrun a knife, I cannot outrun a bullet.” Which is just a different version of Monday AM QBing. If you let a stranger within five feet (probably more) of you, they can stab you before you realize what is happening. Can you still run? Can you run faster than the guy with the knife? Are you sure?
    A weapon is assumed to be deadly, end of story. If you are expecting a fist, kick, knife, beer bottle, etc… you have a much higher probability of avoiding grievous harm. An argument begins to escalate or something similar, and you can duck a punch, at least partially. But… If you are not expecting it, odds are you will be disabled in the first seconds of the attack.
    Personally, I don’t think enough people have been punched in the face enough in their lives. OK, that sounds bad, but the best way to react well in a situation is to have lived through it. More than once. It is called training, and it teaches people that they are not as smart as they think they are, and they will not react the way they think they will when the actual event happens.

    1. Tueller Drill is 21 feet, mininum. YouTube has numerous vids on the subject, including officer involved shootings.

  2. Or my fav- he was “unarmed!!”….Id like to be in a room with “those” types and show them what unarmed can do…gotta luv liberal “prosecutors “ and revolving door justice..

  3. The people who believe this are utter ghouls who have either never faced violence or have but have lucked out and gotten the mugger who just snatched their phone.

    Its well past the point certain areas are just no go zones and those are expanding rapidly due to a lackadaisical attitude from the legislative types so long as they’ve got their body guards and gated homes the rest of us can just deal.

    I’ve been stabbed, cut, and glassed, I’ve responded to calls for all of those, and the one thing everyone says was “it happened so fast” this wack job had to spent minutes which in the world of violence is a very very long time doing this and was enabled by people with names, addresses, and jobs who will most likely never feel the consequences of their decisions unlike us little people.

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