Let’s say that yours truly or AWA or J. Kb is arrested with property we stole and a non-registered NFA in our possession.  We would probably be in jail with a six or seven figure bail and no chance to see daylight in the foreseeable future, right? Hell, they would call our “favorite” Three-Letter bureau and demand they added federal charges to our basket of legal crap.

But if you happen to be a proper citizen of the great city of Memphis, you get to walk with the blessings of the system:


MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — More information has been released about a bond hearing that put an 18-year-old back on the street just weeks before he was in a shootout with police, leaving an MPD officer dead.

WREG has obtained the recording of 18-year-old Jaylen Lobley’s bond hearing on March 7, after his arrest for having two stolen vehicles and a Glock converted into a machine gun.

What happened at Jaylen Lobley’s bond hearing (wkrn.com)

He was just a poor “yute” caught in the vortex of Society and apparently the Judicial Powers felt he was a victim.

Judicial Commissioner Chris Ingram was hearing the case to determine if Lobley’s bond would stay at $10,000. The state is able to argue at those hearings if they think the bond should be changed.

“He is 18 so there will obviously be no prior criminal record as far as adult court. I can’t attest to his juvenile record or bring that up,” he said.

We know nothing” AKA “We reached a decision with the information we had at the time. sorry we fucked up” excuse.

He says the $10,000 bond does seem low, but since Lobley was to be in court the next day, there was no need to adjust it.

“My suggestion is to keep it the same, but if the court is inclined to lower it, I won’t be upset at that,” he said.

The Judicial Commissioner did lower the bond. In fact, he released Lobley on his own recognizance, without Lobley having to pay anything.

TADA! Go free, young man and let that be a lesson to you: Crime does not pay, but it does not cost you either.

Just weeks later, Lobley and a 17-year-old were in a shoot out with Memphis Police. Lobley and Police Officer Joseph McKinney were killed.

And on that, it has come out that the officer succumbed to friendly fire according to the local D.A. The same people who apparently “misspoke” trying to distance themselves from Lobley’s release.

Shortly after the shooting, the District Attorney’s Office released a statement saying, “The Bond was granted by a Judicial Commissioner following a hearing where our office strongly argued against lowering the bond, citing the defendant’s danger to the community.”

Unfortunately, the recording shows the prosecuting attorney did not put up a fight at all as quoted above.

I wanted to go to Memphis just to check the Bass Pro and the museums inside. Not even staying in the anywhere in city, but bedding somewhere way outside Shelby County.

I truly do not know if it is worth the risk.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “Why am I not surprised?”
  1. since We the People have let democrats run things this has been going on…
    I don’t at this point know what we can do..
    until justice is run by honest citizens we are fukked…. if citizens can’t be bothered to drive to the local polls and VOTE, they will not do anything to help bring America back. they will shrug and say oh well, the big game is on tv…

  2. The sacred race can do no wrong. And elected officials will melt if called racist by the sacred ones. Not to mention those pensions.

  3. Why do I have to click through 3 different article links to find a picture of the poor “choir boy” killed in a police shootout, no doubt through no fault of his own, and entirely because police are trigger-happy scum [/sarcasm]?
    The article Miguel linked implied that the judge did not consider the juvenile records when he reduced bail to basically nothing. This article delves into that juvenile record. He had charges of aggravated robbery from June 2023 (less than a year ago) which were dismissed because he was juvenile. The 17-year-old with him during the shootout also had aggravated robbery charges going back even further.
    Why were these two out roaming the streets in the first place? Personally, I put the onus on the judge for not looking at the juvenile records as indicative of future behavior, but also on the prosecutor’s office for, a. not reminding the judge of what’s in those records, and b. not pushing harder to keep or increase bail. (The DA’s statement says they implored the judge to not reduce bail, but according to the article, the audio recording says otherwise; they did NOT fight the reduction.)
    But I’ll bet anyone here, dollar to donut-hole, that some of the facts of this case — in particular, that he had a giggle-switch-converted Glock and that he killed a police officer in a shootout — will be used to attack our 2A rights. It’ll be up to us to remind people that he had a juvie record of violent crimes, should never have been let out, and that the judge and DA share responsibility for him being on the streets at all.
    If they’re not going to enforce the violent crime laws we have, why do we need new gun laws?

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