This story from Metro UK:

Woman fined for fighting back ‘too much’ during sex attack

Milica Živković walked into court as a victim, but the judge gave her a slap on the wrist for ‘exceeding the necessity of self-defence’.

The 24-year-old was walking home with a friend after a night out in the town of Kolašin, in northern Montenegro, when she noticed a man was following them.

Milica said: ‘He grabbed my chin… and then he grabbed me by my intimate part (bottom area).

‘Defending myself, I hit him with a closed and then open fist, which I learnt while training kickboxing for four years.’

She added: ‘In such moments you can only think of the worst. But I fought as hard as I could, and of course I knocked him out.’

In court, Milica was fined €82 for ‘exceeding the necessity of self-defence’ and for ‘violating public order and peace’, which made her feel ‘very uncomfortable’.

Meanwhile, her attacker had to pay only €370 before being released from prison.

This guy grabbed her by the face and ass and she exceeded the necessity of self-defence by knocking him out?

Fuck Europe.

If that was America, and if she gave that man a sucking chest wound with a JHP I’d have called it good.

European countries hate when citizens subjects defend themselves.

In most European countries, even non-lethal tools of self-defence, such as pepper spray, are illegal.

In England, women are only allowed to carry personal alarms. But those are limited to 140 dB, so they don’t hurt the poor rapists ears.

I’m an American. I want women to be able to defend themselves from sexual assault with whatever tools they feel are necessary.

Remember: It is physically impossible for a rapist to maintain an erection while suffering from hypovolemic shock.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Why America should not be more like Europe – resisting rape edition”
  1. This has been going on for years in the uk.. the great nanny state where people on welfare get 2 weeks a year “vacation “ because working people get vacation and we don’t. We were there in ‘78 and subjects who defended themselves or helped another fight off criminals got arrested AND sued.. I tell women that all of them should carry a firearm…

  2. Reported in the UK but occurring in Montenegro, this was a judge using social standards of 1 century ago in this century “justice.” If the appeal is denied that will be a REALLY bad sign. Either way, there is a judge will really poor judgement when it comes to crimes against women.

  3. If you encourage a behavior you get more of it. If you punish a behavior you get less of it. This decision is akin to treating a street assault like a sporting event and accessing an “unnecessary roughness” penalty.

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