Remember that girl at Kent State who was savaged online for her campus carry?

The anti-gun left is at it again with her, and worse.

After they left, the waitress told Bennett that the women were in fact taking photos of her. A day later, tweets surfaced from one of the girls in the group who snapped photos. Amber Davis of Ravenna, Ohio posted photos of Bennett to her Twitter with the caption, “Is this the gun slinging slasher from KSU someone help.” A follow-up tweet from Davis reads, “Update, it fucking is,,, someone PayPal me $50 and I’ll punch her in the head.”

Bennett told Liberty Hangout that “Just minutes after they walked into the restaurant, they were already threatening me on social media while sitting just feet away from me. I texted my boyfriend from the restaurant letting him know these girls were harassing me, and he said he hoped I had my firearm on me. Little did I know at the time that not only was she taking pictures of me, but was threatening to assault me and saying she wants me to die.”

Fifty bucks is small change.  She should ask for at least enough to cover the cost of bail for assault, if not a funeral for punching someone who is known for carrying concealed.

“There is a girl who talks about on like carrying a gun, how about I attack her?”

You’d think people couldn’t be that stupid but they are.

Online stalking, harassing people in public, social media hate mobs, this is where 2018 is going.

Someone got very close to getting shot for starting shit over an ideological difference.

I don’t know how many times I will have to say it, but I feel it’s not going to stop anytime soon:

This shit is getting out of hand it will end badly.  



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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Why are anti-gun activists so violent – Kaitlin Marie again”
  1. “There is a girl who talks about on like carrying a gun, how about I attack her?”

    To quote a novel I read a while back, “Think of it as evolution in action”

  2. As with the MAGA hat attack, I could easily see this beginning leading to a much worse ending.

  3. The progtard Schutzstaffel keeps circling the drain on this particular subject…

    Derranged progtard: You have an evil black gun and I hate you. I must attack you.
    Ms. Bennett: Say when.
    Derranged progtard: Why you so mean?!?
    Chorus of snowflakes foaming at the mouth: See, we told you! She’s a danger to the world!! Off with her head!!! Do it for the chyldrun!!1!

    Rinse & repeat. Same if she had defended herself.

    Oy vey, the idiocy of the progtards knows no bounds. LOL!

  4. The reality is that people who make claims like “Pay me $50 and I will punch her in the head.” are full of it. They will never punch anyone, anywhere, ever. If the police were actually called, and showed up to arrest this idiot, odds are they would be released without any charges filed, because it is just bravado talk.


    Someone else might.

    Yep. Someone else might actually think that they are justified in carrying through with the assault. Your average rational human not really, but someone with a bit of a slower mental makeup, or some other psychological impairment might just take action. And, they would do so because it has now been normalized.

    I remember, more years ago than I would want to admit, reading an article about how a 21 or so young man was getting arrested for vehicular manslaughter because he let his ego get too much of him. Apparently, he was (bravado alert!) bragging to his buddies in the car that he had a point system for running over minorities. Well, they gave him enough crap that he decided to actually do it, and a black kid (I seem to remember it being a black kid) around 6 years old ended up dead. Kids were just playing in street, and they had even moved to get out of the way of traffic, and this jackass, in an attempt to impress his loser friends, swerved to hit them.

    Just an example of how someone that appears to be mostly normal can do incredibly stupid things for incredibly stupid reasons.
    (This happened well over 30 years ago, so I cannot find an article on it, but I will swear on any number of bibles, etc… it was an article I read. Searches are only coming up with stories from the last decade or so.)

  5. Isn’t this, like, a whole bunch of felonies stacked up on top of each other ? Conspiracy, violence for hire, two or three others? Where are the badges?

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