If we go with the sometimes stated goal, complete removal of firearms from the people of the US, you can find the answer to your question changes depending on how close to power a gun rights infringer is.

For people at the bottom they fall into the category of emotional response. They are either fearful of guns in the hands of those they don’t know and those that don’t have shiny badges or they think it makes “others” safer. Generally kids.

These are the people that believe that by banning guns they will remove guns from society without understanding that there will always be guns in society. The other day I had to sanitize a room for a service call. It took two large blankets and 15 minutes of double checking and I still didn’t remember a revolver until right before the service person came in.

And with all of that, my reloading bench was still exposed.

This is the reality that the emotionally driven don’t understand. They can firmly state the tutology of “If there are no more guns then there will be no guns to commit crimes with.” They firmly believe that over time all guns will be removed from society including guns owned by criminals.

They fail to understand that even if they removed all guns from society, people can still make guns. People can still make black powder, people can still make everything required to make a functional gun.

The next step closer is the people that want to control people. These are the petty bureaucrats (this includes school officials and teachers) that don’t need to be polite because they know that the person on the other side of the desk/table from them is powerless.

I watched a TV show the other day, it was sickening. A mother was trying desperately to get the police to look into the death of her son as murder. The police were unwilling. Her calls to the police were ignored. When she did get in contact with a detective in charge and her anger and frustration came through he hung up on her telling her he wouldn’t talk to her until she calmed down.

These petty bureaucrats do things like have metal detectors because somebody might have a gun, while having lots of cops with guns going around the detectors and plainclothes officers flashing badges to get in. It is intimidation.

It is the school boards that order parents silenced when they read from books from the school libraries.

If there were armed people in these situations, these petty bureaucrats would have to be polite and actually have conversations. The power would not be one sided.

The next people are people that actually understand that they might be targets if they do things that people really really dislike. These are the people that have no issue demanding you close your business “to save the children” while demanding you open to give them services. These people understand that they are angering huge parts of the country.

They are actually fearful that they will be held to account for their actions outside of judicial review.

These are the people that have no problems saying that because you hold the wrong opinion you should be removed from polite society by what ever means are necessary for the good of the people.

These people that are this close to power believe that they will be amongst the privileged. They are going to be more equal than the rest and they are going to be given the extras because their work is so important to the people.

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10 thoughts on “Why [are] gun control and gun bans an article of faith on the Left? — S.J. Crow*”
  1. I’m puzzled by your comment that you had to sanitize a room for a service call. Why was that? To avoid having to keep an eye on the tradesman?

    1. I prefer that strangers not know what firearms I might have. The tradesman didn’t need to see the WWII display case nor the 1000s of bullets (not cartridges, bullets).

      There is a reason that I don’t post pictures very often of my firearms. While it is really cool to see my daughter shooting a 150yo rifle, I don’t need our FBI listeners making a note that I own a 150yo rifle of that particular style.

      If they needed to get into my pantry to do work, I’d sanitize the pantry the same. I.e. all of the quick access food stuffs would be moved to a location in the house where the tradesman would not be.

      1. Makes sense, thanks. I suppose the reloading bench is less of a worry since a lot of people would not recognize it for what it is (unless you have brass or bullets lying around).

  2. Two things/traits of the people who want to be dictators/tyrants/rulers.
    1. They will push for legalization of drugs
    2. They will push to outlaw firearms/weapons.

    Because, drugs are a way for the government to control the population, and guns are a way for the population to control the government.

  3. “These are the people that believe that by banning guns they will remove guns from society without understanding that there will always be guns in society.”

    *laughs in Irish Republican Army*

  4. Hmm, my comment ain’t here hardly. Let’s try again.

    When I saw “sanitize”, the nurse in me thought that you wanted to kill microorganism’s. Then I got it. 8>)

  5. “Individually, we do not bear arms because we are afraid. We bear arms
    as a declaration of capacity. An armed man can cope – either in the city
    or in the wilderness – and because he is armed, he is not afraid.

    The hoplophobe fears and, yes, hates us, because we are not afraid. We
    are overwhelmingly “other” than he, and in a way that emphasizes his

    Jeff Cooper

  6. “Sanitize the room.” — I got it right away.

    The late great L. Neil Smith where he boiled the options of what one had to be to support gun control to 3: one or more of “stupid, insane or evil.” (“Murder by Gun Control” — google it.)

  7. Your explanation matches my take of the “useful idiots” believing the unicorn and rainbow magical thinking while the higher ups are more concerned with suppressing resistance. The real question was who on the gun grabber side has ever said the truth about why they want our guns?

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