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The shooter cited New York gun laws as being in his favor limiting the number of armed civilians and the capacity of their magazines, if they were armed.

This is a screaming indictment of limitations on concealed carry.

Buffalo Tops Market and Pulse Night Club, two domestic terror shootings selected for being in places with limited to no concealed carry or armed civilians.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Why Buffalo, New York”
  1. The progtard elite and their dumb brainwashed followers won’t care. They will keep dancing on the blood of the victims and continue to refuse to accept the truth.

    And (puts tinfoil hat on) it looks like the DemonKKKrats plans to throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks before the primaries is in full swing:

  2. The Batman theater shooter also specifically targeted a Gun Free Zone*, and drove past several larger theaters to get the one he shot up.

    *Disclaimer: ‘gun free’ applies only to legally owned and carried firearms. Robbers, rapists, and murderers are welcome to be armed at our location.

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