By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Why can’t we have nice things here”
  1. The advertising companies in America don’t hate families, the people who pay them hate United States of America Families. The people behind the marketing of products in the USA are all members of the global elite, who are expanding beyond the USA to enlarge their wealth on a global scale instead of remaining at a smaller national scale. There efforts have been in the works for several decades now. And they can’t achieve their expansion to its full potential until the USA has been cancelled, erased, and replaced, one family at a time, until what the USA was, is no more.
    If one nation wants to take over control of another nation without physical war, it infiltrates the target nation for the sole singular purpose of breaking the backbone of that nation. The main objective is to replace the nation’s “Family Structure” and to accomplish this they must tear it to pieces. And they accomplish this by changing the cultural and social structures the nation’s families created down through their history. America’s communities are only as strong as the family structure within. Weaken, corrupt, and destroy the communities, then do the same to their government, and install the new tyrannical government designed to control the nation’s peoples by force, psychologically and physically.
    The wealthiest people on earth have had enough of a nation by the people for the people. A people who defied the historical norm of human history, and designed a system of government which would be hard to corrupt and defeat.
    The global critics of American’s Exceptionalism has always scoffed at and mocked the system, “There is no way you can give the human being personal freedom to become individuals apart from the control of a central government body because it will eventually produce corruption at an unprecedented scale, requiring total destruction in the end”.
    The enemies of American Exceptionalism have successfully reinterpreted the US Constitution and Bill or Rights to such a high degree of acceptance, in enough states, that the nation will implode under the weight of its freedoms. When this finally happens, the only way to restore social peace will be by taking away freedom and installing tyranny. No one will be an individual anymore; we will all become property of the state. And speaking Arabic or Mandarin will gain you some advantages within the new system.

  2. the US advertising companies are the ones who made commercials depicting men as stupid under the theme of “humor”… media and the internet ruin more families than any modern thing…

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