From Chicago:


Everything about this except the actions of the Uber driver are horrific.

A mob of teenagers hit a man over the head then chase down his girlfriend and beat her face to a pulp.

Other people see this and drive on by.

The only thing she can do is scream “stop” but they don’t.

Nobody has been arrested for this attack.

In other attacks, the charges have been dropped.

This is The Loop is the restaurant and shopping center of Chicago.  It is the economic center of the city.

For mobs of teenage robbers to be pack hunting in The Loop shows just how terrible the situation in Chicago has become.

This is also why self-defense, and the ability to carry the tools of self-defense, are so important.  When it’s one woman versus eight or nine violent predators, she needs every equalizer she can get her hands on.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Why concealed carry is important: mob of violent male teenagers vs. one woman with predictable results”
  1. “Why so you “need” seventeen shots”

    “This. This is why. I’m gonna need four of five of these monsters, to carry my bier into Valhalla.”

    1. Only four or five? You must be in great physical shape. Me? I’m going to need at least a dozen to carry my fatass to Valhalla.

  2. How sad is it, I was thinking “Chicago” from reading only the headline.

    Is it just me, or does this seem to be becoming Chicago’s “thing” now?

    You know … Like:
    “poop in the streets” = San Francisco;
    “random attacks on Jews” = NYfC;
    “assault on Asian-American” = Oakland.

    And so forth.

  3. IDPA tactical sequence: targets of equal threat all get one round before any of them get two or more. A lot of us have practiced this scenario a bunch of times.

  4. Rick Said, “That would certainly meet the “disparity of force” threshold.”

    But it wouldn’t meet Black Democrat and Chicago States Attorney Kimeshia Foxxx’s “Black Lives Matter” threshold. You ass would be in jail until she could railroad you into prison, but only if the gangmembers in the Crooked Couny Jail do not shank you first.

    1. TCK,

      If you follow Chicago Crime? You don’t need to. I think the Chicago News will only mention the race if they are white?

      Go to HeyJackAss, and look at the Racial Demographics of murder victims.

      Which Race has 83% of Chicago Murder Victims?
      Which two Races + Others have 4% of Chicago Murder Victims?

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