The state of some public schools:


I am thankful to Libs of TikTok for all her work exposing this indoctrination of children.

But with all due respect to her, no.  I will not cede the public schools to these people.

I do not have the money to send my children to private school.

I do educate my children at home, both of my kids could read and write before going to kindergarten, but my wife and I do not have the time to be full time homeschooling parents.

But most importantly, I  pay property taxes and federal income tax, both with end up in the schools.  I pay for the schools.

I, as a taxpayer, should have the right to decide how that money gets used, just as I have the right to decide how the rest of my money gets used, and I do not want it used to indoctrinate my children with an anti-human, anti-normal, anti-science fundamentalist Leftist religious/cult ideology about sex and gender that harms children.

This is why Ron DeSantis is so important.

This is why the Republicans who have grown a pair and are standing up to this evil are so important.

They need to succeed, because the alternative is where I and my friends with kids go when we talk about this.

Frontier justice.  Swift, violence, and bloody retribution.

The hope that guys like DeSantis can advance this position and our desire to hang onto a polite civil society by the tips of our fingers is all that is stopping us.

Us men who want to be left alone also want out children to be left alone.

The day one of my kids comes home and tells me they are not the gender that they have always been will not be a good day for a lot of people.

This ship will be righted one way or another, but I’m not going to abandon it.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Why DeSantis is necessary: I would rather choose violence”
  1. Back in the Jimmy Carter inflation days, and my first real job, I remember a bunch of retirees in south Florida were saying, “I’m retired, I get nothing out of the tax money I pay for education, why do I have to pay?” This led to a bunch of talk about “yes, you do benefit from it, you get a society where people are higher level than the uneducated mess you’d have without us”
    I wasn’t convinced it was true back then, but nowadays there’s no question that’s complete bulls**t. The great Michael Ramirez editorial cartoons gets it right with this one.
    How about this one, let’s stop the indoctrination and child grooming until all the school kids can read, write, do arithmetic, and generally get educated first. We hear that in most of the blue cities essentially zero percent of the kids can do the “3 rs” at grade level. Make that 100% and maybe we’ll think about their pronoun sh*t.

  2. A recent news story here in New York states that public schools in this state have over 100,000 less students enrolled than there were just 2 years ago. The message of this type of stuff is getting out. People are noticing.

  3. If 2-4 of these Pedo enableing “teachers” had a 12 put upon there cpu and finger presure applied.

    It would stop Real Fuckin Quick. Rickty Tick.

    Ohhh you’d have the Hardcores, there are always afew with that bunch that would dbl down.
    NEXT up.

    But , my money says.
    Alot of it would cease.

    And you are correct, Get Your Kids OUT of public school!!!

    Course thats just a ….observation of history by myself.

    1. I don’t want my kids out of public schools.

      I want my public schools to be like the ones that educated the people that put men on the moon with slide rules and pencils.

      1. The watch on my wrist has easily ten times the computing power of those used to go into space, in the sixties. Amazing.

  4. We need to get involved. The Leftists win because they SHOW UP!
    School Board, City Council, Election Boards, etc. .I am just as bad as everyone else.
    We need to take the time to get involved.

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