I caught this before my morning coffee.

Nashville teachers learn trauma care, chokeholds, and how to stop a shooter (newschannel5.com)


I did a double take at the graphic.

We doing Jet Li acrobatics now?


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — On their day off, dozens of Metro Nashville Public School teachers trained to take down an active shooter if one ever darkened the doors of their schools.

This placebo training, a tactical sugar pill and nothing serious to be used when it comes to actually stop a deranged killer. How do we know? Police do not respond to shooting incidents with empty handed martial arts but with superior firepower.


It was hands-on training as one demonstration, Defend Systems, showed teachers how to stop someone from bleeding out if they were shot.

This I have no beef against. In fact that is something we have been supporting for ages here and pretty much everybody in the Gun Culture community.


Defend Systems is the same group that did active shooter training at The Covenant School a year before their shooting. Police believe it saved lives. Tracey Mendenhall, the director of training and operations, is passionate about teaching educators how to fight back.

You draw your own conclusions.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Why do we keep accepting subpar responses?”
  1. “Wait til the gun is fully exposed “…. Ya, ok..
    words fail me… I’d like to know what schools are paying for this kind of “training “…

    1. Massad Ayoob tore than one apart, in court, on the stand as an expert witness. IIRC, his line was, “If you wait until you see the gun, you’re going to see what comes out of the gun.”
      By that logic (which I trust far more than whoever put together this “strategy” for teachers), if the teachers are waiting until the gun is visible before responding by trying to grab it and wrestle it away, it’s already too late to avoid injuries and deaths. Possibly and probably their own.

  2. Knowing lefty liberal theology, the teacher disarming a shooter will be prosecuted for possession of a firearm at school.

  3. I was taught this in “ Extreme close quarters” classes by very serious instructors. If someone is trying to rob/ rape/kidnap you it can work. We did drills with dummy guns and simunitions. It can work if you’re strong, fast, and practice a lot. An active shooter is—- shooting. He/she/it wants to kill people. You’ll never get close. Oh, the Beretta trick can work but it takes a very large amount of practice.
    The trauma stuff, yeah, that’s useful, again if you practice.
    Are you sensing a theme here?

    1. Agreed… More than one shooter has been stopped by a defender’s finger in a hammer gap or causing a stovepipe.

      The structure and grammar is atrocious, but the contents are sound if your forced to abide by a non-permissive environment. If you’re not, being armed is of course much more effective.

  4. The leftist democrats listen to their political opposition’s desire to train and arm teachers, and agree to help by crossing the political aisle, to provide the very ‘thing’ that will in the end, create an even bigger crisis, and subsequent failure, so they can say, ‘we tried and it failed proving that banning guns in schools is still the best strategy.’ Case closed. It’s settled, we tried it your way, and see how it turned out.

  5. What’s ironic to me is, we’re told teachers and other staff members cannot take on the responsibility of carrying a gun they might have to use to defend their students; it’s just too much to add on top of their other duties. “Mrs. Mason the English teacher is 70 years old; she can’t carry a gun!”
    So instead, we’re going to train them to defend against a mass shooter with hand-to-hand combat and add THAT on top of their other duties? And expect 70-year-old Mrs. Mason to pull this off?
    I for one am VERY interested in Mrs. Mason’s thoughts on this. And Mr. Wilson’s — the 34-year-old USMC-veteran math teacher who doubles as boys’ basketball coach, who already has his CCW license and would 110% be willing to carry if it were allowed — what does he think?
    And the worst part: This is what your tax dollars are paying for.

  6. “Locks the slide/cylinder” — say what? Grasping the cylinder of a DA revolver may indeed keep it from advancing and thereby from firing, if you’re strong enough. But grasping the slide won’t stop a semi-auto pistol from firing; it will only take off the skin of the hand when the slide recoils.

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