California Governor Gavin Newsom was sworn into office and in true 2019 fashion did it in the most anti-Trump way possible.

California Governor Newsom Vows ‘Sanctuary To All Who Seek It’ In Inauguration Speech

California’s new governor is promising the most populous state will be a “sanctuary to all who seek it” in a direct affront to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

It’s great to see the incoming governor of America’s most populous state openly promise to defy federal law.

That’s not the only thing he did.

He attacked the “gun lobby that’s willing to sacrifice the lives of our children to line their pockets.”

Clearly the civil rights of law abiding American citizens are a problem, but illegal immigrants pouring over the border to receive benefits from the State of California is a blessing.

The Governor is engaging in what amounts to secessionist rhetoric at his inaugural address, putting his vision for California over federal law and the Constitution of the United States.

Between Cuomo and Newsom, it is clear that the Governors of our Big Blue states see themselves as the kings of their own Progressive fiefdoms.



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By J. Kb

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