The power went out due to snow around 4:00 yesterday afternoon and at noon today it’s still out.

My house is currently 42F by my thermometer because the oil boiler needs electricity to run.

The reason it went out is that branches on trees laden with snow fall off the tree when they freeze and hit the powerlines.

I’m a Florida boy and in Florida we cut back the trees so they don’t touch the powerlines.  That is to minimize the damage to the powerlines during hurricanes.

No bullshit, 25-foot easements around powerlines.

In New Hampshire, they just let the trees grow over the powerlines even though every year this happens and people lose power.

I asked why they don’t trim back the trees from the powerlines and all of got was “people in New Hampshire like looking at the trees.”

People in New Hampshire are fucking retarded.

Florida prepares for hurricane season cutting down trees and when the power goes out it’s back in maybe a few hours.

New Hampshire does nothing to prepare for winter snow taking out powerlines, year after year, and takes a day to repair the lines.

Ive been less inconvenienced by a Cat 3 hurricane in Florida than a snowfall in New Hampshire.

When I complained, I was told that everyone in New Hampshire has a generator because the power goes out so much.

Gee, thanks…

“I got my generator, fuck you.”

I keep being told how New Hampshire is this great Libertarian state.

Live free or die.

Fuck New Hampshire Libertarianism.

Give me Florida governance all day long, where I can have both friendly gun laws and a grid that prepares for seasonal weather.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Why Florida is better than New Hampshire”
  1. Welcome to the northeast guy. When my parents moved to our current location in 1988 the power would go out at least 2 times a WEEK. For between 2 minutes to 4 hours..
    Now our power company spent STUPID money having tree cutters trim back trees around power lines. Big snow and or wind we still can lose power. But the trees are still to close to power lines. 2020 right in the middle of Covid stupidity we had a hell of a storm and were out for 6 days and my moms auto generator decided it had had enough and quit.. fun times.. N. H. has been slowly morphing into north massachusetts for years. Especially in the area you are in. Large concentrations (target rich environment) of “beautiful people “.. a propane generator is on my list for this year. This AND the people forget how to friggin drive in bad weather every year!

    1. I highly recommend Dual Fuel, if not Tri Fuel generators. Living in Houston, mine runs what I can find and sometimes I couldn’t find much of anything, but enough of each got us through.

  2. Man thats rough sorry you’re stuck in it.

    That “cause people like looking at trees” is infuriating. Fine keep the trees but bury the power lines or route them better. Once you’re out of the weeds do ya have a game plan?

  3. Trees have civil rights in some places, it seems. Such as in Carmel, CA, which is always the last place on the Monterey peninsula to get power back after a storm. The city and residents won’t let PG&E trim the trees, so…

  4. You’re sea coast iirc, so yea might as well be extra north ma.

    I can’t recall us loosing power in our area much. They also trim the trees though not as aggressively as you say unless it is around large transmission lines.

    What provider are you using? NHEC has been good even though I spend more on membership fees than on actual usage every year.

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