This video was captured in Philadelphia:


This is the man who did it:


He is a rapist with a history of attacking and beating women.

He beat up three women on a street.  One woman tried to help her friends by striking the man with what looks like a cardigan or coat.

You know what would have been more effective at stopping him from punching women in the face?

A JHP shredding his internal organs.

I have a true vicious hatred for men who beat up women.

Conceals carry is a great equalizer.

A big man can easily beat up three unarmed women.

A woman with a gun can (and should have) stopped him.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Why I advocate for concealed carry – Philadelphia rapist edition”
  1. I noticed how they let that unknown guy just walk in the middle of their group.

    I 100% believe its at least partly because they didn’t want to seen as “racist”.

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