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5 thoughts on “Why I don’t trust News Media: “If it is not Racially-Motivated, we don’t care, we will make it so.””
  1. Not that I distrust the media or anything, but… Was this a fuckup by an old man? Or did he head something bad off, but the prosecutor bought into the teen’s story?

  2. Police originally questioned him then released him then the city swung so hard the other way it probably set the clocks back charging him. There is mention of security cameras but so little information released yet I can’t make a call either way.

    Word this morning is the kid died last night and its looking like this is gonna be Summer of Peace 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    1. Yet another reason to be glad we’re moving out of a major metropolitan area in California, within the month.

  3. Everything I read so far says the kid was released from the ER and is home recovering. So thank God the young man is alive. However I will crawl out on a limb (which is only a foot or two off the ground) and say the following: I’m going to assume (I hate assumption as a standard rule) that the old boy watches the news daily. And he sees the same thing all people see when watching the news, and that is that black kids, young black men, are becoming ever more combative, and violent against older white people. How many “Youths” have targeted white senior citizens over the past few years? According to the news feeds violent crimes by blacks are becoming a societal norm. So the old boy takes no chances and overreacts, based on these facts.
    Shooting through the glass front door is always wrong, no question about it. However to claim that the old guy hates blacks because they are…, and for no other reason, is not a fact…..yet. I say “Yet” because I have not read the statements of the old guy as to why he shot this young man. And as to the other neighbors not wanting to help the young man, well. they probably heard gun shots and played it safe…just in case their fears might be accurate…that they too were going to be targeted by violent black youths.
    A tragic story to say the least, on all sides.

  4. In the article that I saw, they lead with a picture of a well-dressed young man in band uniform, likely in a concert. This immediately set off warning bells that this was another St. Martin event. Then we got Crump involved, and I am sure this is going to be another St. Martin.
    I don’t know what happened. I do know that I am not going to make any assumptions about the facts until much, much later.

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