I am a supporter of Israel.  We Jews deserve a homeland in which we live self-governing, and not at the mercy of anyone else.

Israel is our historic homeland, where we Jews have had a continual presence for over 5,000 years.

Just because I support Israel, doesn’t mean I want to live there.

This is one reason why.

Girl firepower: IDF vet ‘Queen of guns’ praises US firearm laws as ‘best in the world’

Orin Julie, an IDF veteran known on social media as self-styled ‘Queen of guns’ has said she is jealous of US firearm laws. She decried the tight gun legislation in her native Israel.

Julie told the Daily Caller that the US has the best gun laws in the world and has shared her frustration that, despite her years of active duty with the Israel Defense Forces, she is unable to legally own a firearm as a civilian back in her native Israel.

That is true.  Unless you live in one of the ocupied terriritores, Israel has very strict gun control.

Pistol permits are only available to those with prior service who have achieved the rank equivalent to Sergeant or a NATO E-5.

This is to keep guns out of the hands of ordinary Israeli citizens who only do the mandatory two-year term of service.

Even during the knife Intifada, where Israel relaxed its gun laws, it didn’t relax them to anything close to an American standard.

You would think that in a nation, conceived from the ashes of the Holocaust, born in war, invaded at least once a decade, and surrounded on all sides by terrorists and enemies, that Israel would encourage an armed citizenry.

No, for reasons I cannot fathom – probably the combination of the cultures of Jewish immigrants who had been Europeanized and Mandate Jews who lived under Dhimmi status under Arab control – Israel does not have the gun rights or gun culture that America does.

With mandatory service for all Jews (except the Ultra-Orthodox), if Israel comes under sufficient enough attack, they just call up every Jew who served under the age of 40 back into service.

The idea of a rifleman behind every blade of grass is not an Israeli idea, which is odd because the Haganah was a volunteer militia force, not terribly unlike our own Minute Men.

Never the less, this is how the Israelis are, which is why I don’t want to live there.  As someone who never served in the IDF, it would be impossible for me to be a legal gun owner in Israel.  Frankly, that is unacceptable.

I prefer my rights as a Jew in America, which is why Democrat antisemitism worries me so.  I really want to stay a Jew in America with my rights.


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By J. Kb

One thought on “Why I don’t want to live in Israel”
  1. If I couldn’t be a Jew* in America, I’d want to be a Jew in Israel. Switzerland would be my third choice.

    * I’m not religious at all (and was raised Catholic) but under the Nuremberg Laws of the national socialist regime, I’m Jewish by paternal lineage.

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