It was hard to count but probably between 70 and 100 people marching.

I don’t want to have to reload every 10 rounds.

For that matter, this is why I believe the Second Amendment protects my right to full auto belt-fed.

If this group showed up in front of my Synagogue, my preference would be for a M249 SAW and a 200 round box.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Why I own high capacity magazines”
  1. Flame throwers are not an NFA item… just sayin.. old fire trucks are cheap… and inconspicuous til ya squirt em heh heh.

  2. Making the Swastika a symbol of evil and hate – not the biggest crime of the Nazis, but a pretty vile thing to do to a symbol that had, as one of its meanings, the footprints of the Buddha.

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