I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

I’m just a guy who has spent years cataloging crimes and their aftermath.

I hate the idea pushed by anti-gun people that it is wrong to shoot unarmed atrackers.

This is why:

Texas woman left paralyzed after thief body-slams her, steals $4,300

A Texas woman could spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair after a robber slammed her to the ground and stole thousands of dollars in a caught-on-camera attack last month, according to police and reports.

Nhung Truong has been unable to use one of her legs since she was assaulted by a man on Feb. 13 after withdrawing the large sum of cash from a bank, according to relatives and Houston police.

Truong, 44, was followed to a shopping center 24 miles from the bank, where the suspect approached her and tried to make off with the money, authorities said.

She dropped some of her personal items during the struggle with the man, footage shared by Houston police shows. The thief took off with one item before quickly returning, lifting Truong off the ground and ruthlessly slamming her into the pavement before he ran off with the money, police said.

But even worse, Truong’s spinal cord was damaged in the attack and she is unable to use her left leg, she and her family told KHOU.

Police released security camera footage.


He slammed her back first onto a concrete curb and damaged her spine.

She may be paralyzed for life.

Technically, her attacker was unarmed.

Still, he managed to cripple that woman.

If a man can put you in a wheelchair for life, you should be able to put him in the ground.

I never want to hear about someone using lethal force to defend themselves against an unarmed threat.

That’s just telling the person “I’d rather you spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair than some scumbag being pushed off this mortal coil.”

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Why I support shooting unarmed attackers”
  1. Yes Sir. The media is full of reports “he shot an UNARMED suspect!! Like the guy was just walkin down the street with no arms and BANG! He gets shot. Anyone who thinks you shouldn’t do that should get in a cage with me so I can give them a life lesson…

  2. I am currently reading Deadly Force by Massad Ayoob.
    He talks to this in depth, and does so from the perspective of an expert witness defending someone accused of using excessive force in self defense. Being aware of things like this actually help in your defense.

      1. That’s why reading this blog, and books like The Law of Self Defense by Andrew Branca and the one I mention above are so valuable to the average gun owner.

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