Yesterday I posted this video from CUNY Law School commencement.


The woman speaking is Fatima Mousa Mohammed.

This is a video if her speaking in NYC at pro-Palistinian rally in 2022.


Note this image:


Globalize the Intifada.

That is a Hamas principle that Muslims and Palestinians should murder Jews everywhere on earth as a way of attacking Israel.

For them, murdering Jewish children in any city in any country is a legitimate attack on Israel, and the Left, at best, tacitly supports this, and the more radical Left endorses this as social justice.

This is a call for world wide antisemitic genocide.

This is why I’m an armed Jew and I am a die-hard believer in gun rights.

I’m not going to let some Palestinian supporter stab me or a member of my family.

I will defend myself.

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “Why I’m an armed Jew, CUNY Law edition”
  1. Isn’t it amazing that some can display signs and make speeches advocating killing “in the name of religion “ , yet others do the same and the jackels come out…. Keep dividing us democrats and soon it will be you alone against all…

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