Because dude are robbing people with knives in the streets.

Despite what anti-gun idiots say, knives are serious weapons.

The safest way to defend yourself from a criminal with a knife is to stay out of the knife danger zone and use a gun.

The Indiana Jones defense.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Why NYC needs concealed carry”
  1. Concealed carry alone is not going help if the government comes along behind you and says, in effect, “You are NOT allowed to do that! If you do we are going to persecute you. If you attempt to resist our efforts to persecute you, we will persecute your family and friends. We will destroy you if you resist our agents of hope ‘n’ change.”
    Reference BLM/ANTIFA baiting armed security guards in Portland Oregon with “Pussy!” taunts. The guard doesn’t fire, not so much because he is that frightened of ANTIFA/BLM, but because he knows the popo will pop HIM for daring to resist.
    Look up what happened to Michael Strickland. (concealed carry)
    Look up what happened to Sgt. Daniel Perry. (concealed carry)
    Look what happened to Kyle Rittenhouse.(open carry)

    1. @1RapidRobert: ““You are NOT allowed to do that! If you do we are going to persecute you”

      Right on the money, sir.

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