I have covered a number of pitbull attacks.

One consistent theme is just how terrible they are and how often the result in amputation or multiple amputations.

A graphic video from Columbia shows why this is the case.


The bite force of a pitbull is about 240 PSI, which is enough to crush cortical bone.

More than that, the issue is how the pitbull attacks.

The way the pitbull latches on and thrashes about tears muscle from bone and shreds the muscle.

The damage is so severe that there is no way to repair the degloved tissue and amputation is the only recourse.

Other dogs bite.

Pitbulls destroy soft tissue.

This is why I continue to hammer this point.

It’s the same reason I do repeated posts on one punch fatalities.

The enormity of a pitbull attack must be understood and the threat taken seriously.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Why pitbull attacks are so terrible”
  1. Its nasty. They are not cuddly cute puppies. My niece lives in a not so nice area of boston. She has a female pitt. The dog is goofy, BUT I dont trust the damn thing. A fuy I know has two. Male and female. I just stay away…. Most of the other pittbull owners around here are compensating for other inadequate things. Stupid Theres hindreds of other breeds to choose

  2. And without a weapon – an effective weapon – a person is at the mercy of the dog, especially a smaller person, or one who does not know how to fight back against a dog. And, even for those who do know, if the dog strikes fast and hard it can get you on the ground and that’s where you’ll lose the battle.

    “If I see a pit bull I’m going to shoot it” is not, technically, a legally defensable position but if you see the pit bull coming toward you it is, and better to shoot before the first bite.

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