San Francisco is a city that is literally drowning in homeless people’s shit and disease infected drug needles, and were illegal immigrants have a free pass to murder US citizens.

No wonder the SPCA of San Francisco wanted to hire robots to roust the homeless people that were sleeping and shitting on its headquarters.

My problem at the time was that the robot was a wuss.

Well, the unarmed robot was treated just as you would expect someone unarmed, wandering around San Francisco after dark to be treated.  It was attacked, beaten up, and blinded.

However, according to SPCA president Jennifer Scarlett, within a week of the robo-narc’s first day on the job, residents of the homeless camp outside the SPCA had “put a tarp over it, knocked it over, and put barbecue sauce on all the sensors.” 

The news report didn’t say if the robot was sexually abused too, but knowing what I know about San Francisco, it probably was; and if it wasn’t that’s only because the homeless and illegals didn’t know which port to stick it in.

This is why security droids should be armed.  Nothing law abiding, living or robotic is safe in the Shit-hole by the Bay.

Maybe the robots of Knightscope need to put a call out to their cousins at Boston Dynamics to send over Atlas to go Kung-Fu the shit out of San Francisco’s homeless.

If San Francisco robots can’t carry guns, at least a flying titanium and carbon fire roundhouse kick to the face might keep Atlas from suffering the same fate.  After all, the Boston Dynamics robots know how to take care of themselves.


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By J. Kb