But why?  Why does Portland care about a Texas abortion law that doesn’t affect them?

Why does the Left lose its shit when Texas or Georgia passed their heartbeat bills?

Why is the Left so pro-abortion?

Because abortion fundamentally appeals to a specific Leftist principle.

As I have said before, it is a fundamental principle of the Left that utopia can be achieved if only all the right people are sent to camps and/or executed.

Hitler, Stalin Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Che, all had their lists of people that if they killed or worked to death in camps, society would somehow succeed.

You see this today with the talk about COVID.

The narrative is that the unvaccinated are Right-wing Trump supporters and plague spreaders, so if they get sick they should be denied medical care and left to die of neglect.

Abortion is no different.

To listen to the Left, motherhood is a fate worse than death.  They exalted that actress who said her abortion allowed her to win an Academy Award.

The Left wants women to believe that the zenith in life if a prestigious, high six-figure, job in NYC, LA, or DC, living in a luxury apartment, surrounded by name brand shoes and purses, going out for cosmos and appletinis with the girls on weeknights.

The enemy of that lifestyle is a husband and child.

They’ve convinced women not to marry, but having a baby is still a roadblock to that lifestyle.

So in true Leftist fashion, the solution is death of the undesirable.

Kill your baby so you can go out for Hump Day drinks and buy Jimmy Choo shoes with the disposable income you have because you’re not spending it on diapers.

They focus on abortion because it’s an easier sell.

Mass slaughter of adults in camps by guards with guns is unpalatable for most Americans.

Mass slaughter in sterile medical centers under the color of health care is much easier.

Furthermore, the majority of Americans (60-70% by poll numbers) support some form of abortion, usually with a minimum standard of allowing it for rape, incest, severe genetic or congenital birth defects, or when pregnancy threatens the life of the mother.

(I fall into that category.)

The Left then moves the goalposts from that, the proverbial “safe, legal, and rare” to “on demand and without apology” in one step.

They want to normalize mass slaughter of the innocent for convenience.

If they can convince a nation that its fine to murder an unborn child so the mother doesn’t have to inconvenienced with a baby, they can convince a nation that it’s fine to dig mass graves and shoot people so they (the good people) don’t have to be inconvenienced by the other undesirables.

Pro-lifers shine a spotlight on the immorality of the death for convenience sales pitch of the Left which is why the Left hates pro-Lifers so much that they drive them out of society.  Going so far as to issue a fatwa against and unperson anyone, like the  CEO of a videogane company, for holding a pro-life position.

The Left fights for abortion because abortion is the easiest and lowest hanging fruit of Leftists desire for mass extermination to achieve utopia.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Why the Left goes all in on Abortion”
  1. And invariably respond to any sort of criticism w/ “Well you (the right/conservatives/etc) don’t care if people already born starve, live in poverty, or are murdered by guns so you’re a hypocrite “

    1. I’ve always considered that hostage taking of the unborn.

      I.e., “Give me food, clothes, diapers, and money for my child (and presumably myself as well) or ill kill my unborn child. Disagree and you’re a hypocrite.”

  2. But, isn’t it women’s healthcare?

    Which is an absolutely stupid argument. What is more natural than carrying a child to term? It is the epitome of health to do so. Destroying an unborn child is the opposite of healthcare. It is the equivalent of removing a healthy organ for convenience. (And, no I am not talking about a nose job here.)

    You are correct. Even if the pro-abortion advocates do not realize it, the outcome is to dehumanize a segment of the human race. Start off with one segment, and it becomes easier to dehumanize other parts.

  3. “And they caused their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire, and used divination and enchantments, and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger.”

    2 Kings 17:17

  4. liberals cut trade and leave Texas over abortion eh? The rest of the red states should take note that this is how its done.

    1. One can only hope this is more acta and less verba, than “elect (insert name here), and I’ll leave the US!”

      Perhaps multiple offers of boxes told ’em how much of a threat *that* was?

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