We are going to be seeing the media attack Trump for the rest of this week over his criticism of Baltimore.  Way out of proportion for the comments Trump made about the city.

There is a reason for this, it is a preview of what I think is going to happen in the months to come for the 2020 election.

Kamala Harris is gaining in the polls.  She is also picking up major Democrat donors.  Biden is just too much of a old white man for the Democrat primary voters and Sanders is not just and old white man, but is more and more a distasteful codger as well.

Harris is from Oakland, California.  Was the district attorney from San Francisco, turned California Senator.

Then there is “The Squad.”

AOC represents New York’s 14th district.  Which has a below-median income rate for New York and the US.  The neighboring 13th and 15th districts are the poorest in the state, and the 13th is the poorest in the country.

Rashida Tlaib represents the poorest district in Michigan, which is also the third poorest in the country.  Michigan’s 13th district incorporates some of the worst parts of Detroit and Wayne County.

Just for good measure, Frederica “Pimp Hat” Wilson’s district is the 10th poorest district in the US.  In fact, if you go through the link, you’ll see that many of the biggest Congressional critics of Trump come from the nation’s poorest congressional districts.

Readers of this blog know that we have chronicled the fall of San Francisco into needle strewn, open-air sewer, where is it not safe to park a car.

Evidence of the destruction of Detroit abounds on the internet.

As 2020 kicks into high-gear, the fact that the major challengers to Trump, either his opposing candidate or popular Congressional critics come from places where the Democrats have destroyed the American dream will become more and more relevant.

It is a reasonable question to ask, how can we trust a candidate or Member of Congress to fix the problems they complain about at the national level if the states and districts they represent are slums and shitholes.

The media needs to nip that in the bud before a Trump/Harris debate where Trump brings up California’s homeless problem, or streets covered with needles and human shit, or a Typus outbreak.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Why the media has to destroy Trump on Baltimore”
  1. I saw a good illustrative example of exactly what you are talking about…

    Imagine you have been working in the same job, with the same boss, and for the most part, the same co-workers for 20-30 years. And, all that time, you have been complaining about how you just cannot get the problems solved. So has everyone else.

    Then a new guy gets hired on and not only does he start solving these impossible to solve problems, he continually points out that you and all of your co-workers are part of the problem.

    Is it any wonder they feel the need to destroy him?

    1. Especially when for those 30 years (and in fact for a century or more before then) you’ve all learned that when you complain about not being able to fix the problem you get a raise and more minions working for you.

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