A man child decides he is going to stand up to the man and join his comrades in fighting the fascist.  He picks up a soy latte at the last Starbucks in the area and parks his mothers Prius at the meeting point.  When he gets there he high fives his friends and they all pull on their black block costumes.

One of the organizers is going around passing out “press” cards to anybody that says they are willing to film with their cameras.  A number of people have big red cross patches on their bags.

Everybody quiets down when Big Bill starts talking.  He explains that they are going to go and protest outside the courthouse again.  People laugh.  He points to the shield wall people and the people that are suppose to throw things.  He explains that it is everybody’s job to make sure that if they need to run, these guys can just disappear into the block.

In high spirits people move into the vans for the short ride to the courthouse.  It is going to be great!

Four hours later the man child heads back to mom’s house.  He managed to egg a couple of cop cars.  They had almost gotten the fence down in one section.  If they didn’t have a guest lecturer in his women’s study class he’d be there still.

The fat old man walked down the street.  He had a walking stick that he leaned on.  He’d take a have dozen steps and pause to catch his breath.  Every once in a while he’d place his old fashion camera on top of the walking stick and take a picture or two.  As he slowly made his way down the street a couple of cops standing guard watched.

Nobody approached him. Nobody said a thing to him.

Three days later the cops came out to find a van parked across the street.  They go and check and decide to have it towed.

The tow truck hooks up and starts the lift.  There is a large BOOM.  Both sides of the van blow out.  The one on the street side throwing a blast of water.  The otherside is a buzz saw.  Tens of thousands of hardened half inch ball bearings flew towards the courthouse.  The cops standing station in front of the main door turn into a splash of red mist.  The front walls of the courthouse are pocked with holes and every window is blown out.

People start streaming out of the building, the sounds of emergency response vehicles start to echo through the streets.

10 minutes later the first EMS units are on site.  People are standing around, dazed.

15 minutes after the initial blast the first shot rings out.  In the course of less than a minute 30 shots ring out.  20 people drop, dead or wounded.

The cops take cover behind their cars, looking for the shooter.  The citizens are busy looking for cover.

Suddenly rounds start impacting into the backs of the cops from behind.  Not small caliber rounds.  These are 30-06 with full metal jackets.  The body armor the cops wear to protect them from pistol rounds do nothing to stop the bullets that impact.  8 shots, 8 dead cops.

Silence but for the screaming of the wounded and the yelling of the cops as they organize to rush the shooters.

20 minutes after the blast the cops rush forward in both directions.  Moving from cover to cover they finally make it.  They start shooting into the men laying there behind the rifles.

Nothing.  A quick kick to the “men” shows that it is just a dummy behind an airsoft rifle.

The search begins.  All that is found is a anarchists symbol.

Two days later the regional director of the FBI stands in front of the courthouse talking to a gaggle of reporters.

“We will find the people responsible for this and bring them to justice!  These right-wing extremists will be caught!”

The fat old man slowly pressed the trigger of his Remington 700, the optic mounted on it allowed him to see the director clearly from 300 meters.

One shot rang out.


The reason the left and the people in power fear the right is that our fiction is scarier than their reality.  People on the right consistently show planning.  They anticipate.

It is never just one thing, it is a sequence of events.  Every action designed to elicit a response.

Those response are known because they have read the same documents.  They have studied logistics.  They have studied 4th generation guerrilla warfare.

They have practiced and practiced.  They know how to blend in.  They know how to choose their hides.  They know that the egress is just as important as the ingress.

They know when to leave.

They understand that the goals is to destroy the will of their enemy.  They understand that the goal is to bring the terror and violence to the leaders, not just the troops in the street.  They understand that taking out the leader isn’t nearly as useful as taking out the people that surround the leader.

They understand what it means to promise their live, honor and fortune to the country they love and to fight for the right to be free.

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By awa

2 thoughts on “Why they are afraid of “right wing extremists””
  1. Yeah… it’s a good thing I’m restrained from being evil, ’cause any time there’s a spectacular mass murder I think: “You call that a mass murder? Hold my diet cola and watch this!” (My evil schemes seldom involve firearms. Fire, yes; arms, no.)
    Or there was that time I was inconvenienced by the police overreaction to a non-threat (that didn’t involve me), and I came up with a Plan for “Well, suppose there had been an actual threat, and suppose the guy behind it really wanted to kill a lot of cops…” – it looked somewhat like the scenario presented above, only with a bit more tech, because I’m always one for gratuitous tech.

  2. After one of the school shootings the daughter of a friend who was in high school was talking to me about it. I told her how they had been lucky because it could have been so much worse.

    She asked “how?”

    I then started to explain how it could have been done so much better, what would have happened, how it would be done.

    She cut me off and said “You are terrifying, I’m glad you aren’t a madman”

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