According to the last poll data, the majority of people support the Parental Rights in Education bill.Bill.

What’s more, the majority supported it AFTER the media’s biased reporting on it.

I can just imagine how parents will feel driving their kids to school and camp and passing these billboards.

So I am left with two conflicting thoughts.

One: These people are remarkably stupid, thinking this will do anything but turn moderates against them. They must be suicidally stupid.  This is a Darwin Award winner of political campaigns.

Two: These people are know stupid, this will turn moderates against them and they don’t care because they have something up their sleeve on election day that will deliver a win regardless.

I’m hoping it’s number one but I’m afraid it’s number two.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Winning parents’ hearts and minds”
  1. I’ve been reading increased reporting of Democrats’ efforts to use the 14th Amendment (section 3 specifically) against Republican candidates. So far it hasn’t worked, but they keep trying. That may be what they have up their sleeve. That section covers not just Federal offices; it includes State offices as well.

    1. So far it hasn’t worked, but they keep trying.

      That’s the thing, right there. Just like “gun control” bills. It costs them next-to-nothing to keep trying, and they only have to succeed once.

  2. I finally looked up the bill text. As Enrolled:

    3. Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.

    That appears to be the “objectionable” section that the left is screaming about. The Motte, if you will. After reading the bill, I can be somewhat sympathetic to this: That very simple language would prohibit a teacher from answering a kindergartner’s “why does Billy have two dads” question about another student. Since Obergefell, this kind of situation is a social reality that will happen and may, in fact, cause problems for teachers and schools.

    The Bailey, however, is the rest of the bill, which disallows schools from engaging in some of the behavior we’ve seen out west: Giving puberty blockers and other pro-transition medical and psychological support without the parents’ consent or notification. Encouraging the student to withhold information about their personal mental wellbeing from their parents. Giving COVID shots to students without parental consent or notification.

    1. On your hypothetical question, why should a teacher spend time on that? It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the mission of schools.

    2. @Wizard: That sort of thing is exactly how they get unpopular laws passed. The left invents a tortured scenario where someone is prevented from doing something that we all agree should be allowed, then uses that scenario to pass a law that goes far beyond what the public agreed to.
      They did with gun control. No one wants to see kids gunned down in school yards, but the law passed doesn’t do a thing to stop that. The real goal was to create defenseless victims while the criminals ran free.
      They did it with medical marijuana. Most people agreed that people on chemo shouldn’t have to suffer if medical marijuana could help them, but the law is being abused and now everywhere you go, the place smells like weed and people are sitting around getting high. The real goal was allow criminals to get high.
      Now they want to do it with kids. The goal here is to give predators access to their child victims. They want to fuck little kids. They want to create more fucked up leftists by raping children. There is no kind way to put it.

    3. “Miss Strawman, why does Billy have two dads?”

      “Because families come in lots of different sizes and shapes. You have a mom and dad, but no brothers or sisters. Billy has two dads. Cindy has two older sisters and David has two younger sisters. Jimmy’s mom lives here in Florida and his dad lives all the way over in Oregon. Every family is just a bit different. Now, go join the rest of the class over in the story-time circle.”

      Children of this age are just beginning to be exposed to people from outside their family. Kids with “funny” names, kids who bring “unusual” things in their lunchboxes, kids who have “weird” pets… It’s a basic part of development that they ask questions and learn about these differences.

      It’s perfectly possible to explain these topics in ways that satisfy the kids’ curiosity, answers them honestly, and doesn’t involve getting “R-Rated” (or even “PG-13”) in the details.

      1. ^^ THIS ^^

        I was going to address the “why does Billy have two dads?” issue, but Ish here did it far better than I could.

        Alternatively, they could play the episode of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” where the lesson-jingle goes, “Families are different, and that’s okay.” (It’s a PBS Kids show, and PBS Kids is run by Leftists, so there should be zero objections.) Or just sing the damn jingle and call it good.

        It’s fully possible and completely reasonable to explain that every family is different — and that’s okay — without having to discuss sexuality or what the grown-ups do in the bedroom.

        But the Left wants to discuss those things — in explicit detail — with elementary-age children. The only question is, why? (It’s a rhetorical question; we already know the answer.)

    1. I’ve changed my mind over others protests, I went from “they’re marching in protest against floyds death, they’re mentally defective but what the heck, it’s our right to protest anything.” To “when the first fire starts, the first verbal/physical attack, the first blocked anything, it should be legal to remove their necks and shit down their windpipes.” I’m firmly I’m the Maxer camp.

  3. Three: they still think we believe them and their lying media anymore. More and more of us do not believe anymore.
    And if you run into someone who still believes them? Do not try to browbeat and convince them in one day. Plant a little seed of doubt today, water it Wednesday. Come back and feed it a little more next week. Weed it a couple times a week. Plant the stake and let them grow up around it. Remember you have all Spring, Summer, and most of the Fall to bring them to our side. Slowly, step by step, bring them to the light. You cannot argue someone out of a position that they didn’t argue their way into. You have to prod them a little, but let them find their own way.

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