I went to Walmart and bought a gallon of Super Tech RV deicer.  It’s for keeping potable water lines in RVs from freezing in winter when not in use.  It’s non-toxic, rated to -50°F, and less than $4 per gallon.


I put it in a spray bottle and mist it onto my car windows.  It melts the frost in seconds with no scraping.

Much cheaper than the pre-bottled window defroster.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Winter hack”
  1. Oho! Thanks for the tip – I should pick up a jug or two. We don’t have all that many mornings that somebody needs to drive anywhere before the frost melts, but it’d be worth having that stuff around to save on the $20/gal industrial isopropyl alky for those times when defrosting is needed.

    1. I was using 80% ethanol that I was buying at a discount store that was sold as hand sanitizer. At the end of the COVID panic I was buying that at about $2/gal but the supply dried up about a year ago. This is a cheap option. I’ve been focused on using non-toxic (no methanol or ethylene glycol) stuff because I keep a bottle in the house and car and want stuff I spray around the kids and dogs to be non-toxic.

  2. Good tip! I’ve done this for some time with the “good” -40 window wash stuff, but this looks to be cheaper. One question, how’s it do re streaking?

    1. Mostly fine. It’s not window cleaner. But when you look at the bottle of the -40F cleaner it tells you how toxic it is being full of methanol. I didn’t want to be spraying a bottle of that near the kids and dogs. I use this because it’s not toxic then run the windshield washer fluid as needed.

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