California bill AB-101 is coming up for a vote, they want to rush before Gavin Newsom faces recall.

It mandates that students be taught ethnic studies as a graduation requirement from certified ethnic studies teachers.

The Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Institute is one such certified group of ethnic studies teachers.

This is the sort of shit that they teach:

Listening to this insanity, I should speak up if I see drivers stop for white people in a crosswalk or white students getting a good education?  Shouldn’t I want everyone to be able to get a good education or use a crosswalk without getting run over?  Apparently, that makes me a white supremacist.

But it’s on the topic of the Jews that they really go off the rails.

Preparing to Teach Palestine: A Toolkit

Given the attacks on teaching about Palestine, it’s important for us as educators to understand the nature of the attacks and where they’re coming from. These aren’t spontaneous protests from random individuals; they are led, organized and financed by Zionist organizations in the United States and Israel.

Zionism is a nationalist, colonial ideology that, from the late 19th century on, has called for the creation and expansion of Israel as a Jewish state in historic Palestine by any means necessary. As support for Palestine and criticism of Israel’s apartheid policies have grown in the US and internationally, Zionist organizations have stepped up their efforts to silence discussion of Palestine/Israel in movement circles, on college campuses, and now in K-12 education.

It’s important to be clear:

    • Critical pedagogy about Israel’s role in Palestine is not antisemitic.
      Antisemitism is discrimination against, violence towards, or stereotypes of Jews for being Jewish. Criticism of Israel’s policies of apartheid and oppression of Palestinians is not antisemitism.
    • False accusations of antisemitism that rely on the conflation of the State of Israel with Jewish identity are an explicit strategy of Zionists, who portray Palestinians as motivated by antisemitism or irrational hatred rather than resistance to oppression.
    • Zionists claim to speak for all Jews, but Zionism is distinct from Judaism. Growing numbers of Jews are critical of Israel’s settler colonialism and support teaching Arab-American studies and Palestine.
    • Claims that discussion, or even mention, of Palestine makes classrooms “unsafe” for Jewish or Israeli American students are racist, just like claims that discussion of slavery or Jim Crow makes classrooms unsafe for white students. Students are empowered by exploring accurate history, looking beneath right-wing myths to face what’s really going on in the world. Recognizing patterns of continuing colonialism and the long history of resistance and resilience is freeing for all of us. That’s how our youth will be able to build the relationships and strategies necessary to create a better world.
    • Safety comes through solidarity. Antisemitism— like anti-Asian, anti-Black, anti-Palestinian, and Islamophobic attacks and rhetoric —exists in every community, but it is fostered and exploited by right-wing movements in the US and around the world that gain power by keeping us divided.

This is viciously antisemitic while claiming to be only anti-Zionist, which is a common trope of the radical Left.

They are openly claiming that it’s a conspiracy against them by JOOOOOOSSSS to shut them up when they try to teach that Israel is a colonial apartheid state and the Palestinians are just innocent victims.

This curriculum has already been adopted by school districts in California but AB-101 would mandate it state-wide.

This is what the Left is going to do, it will turn every school child in California into an antisemite, filling their heads with the same garbage that Palestinian children are taught in terrorist training camps they call schools in Gaza.



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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Woke California is about to mandate teaching Antisemitism in schools”
  1. Never mind the fact that the entire idea of ‘Zionism’ was created by the Russian Secret Police in order to justify the pogroms against Jews. Then spread to the US due to raging anti-semite Henry Ford.

    1. I think you might be thinking of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, rather than Zionism itself. I find it hard to believe that Theodor Herzl was secretly an Okhrana asset.

      Although that would make for a fun conspiracy theory. Anybody have Dan Brown’s number?

  2. Ya know, in all of the “occupied Palestine” talk, no one mentions a huge piece of occupied land–Jordan.

    Per the 1920 Mandate, that’s part of “Palestine”.

    The name “Palestine” was a play on the ancient Philistines who lived there.

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