Hanlon’s Razor: Never attribute to malice what can adequately explained with stupidity.

J.Kb’s Razor: Never attribute to bigotry what can adequately explained by other means.

Woke exists to violate J.Kb’s Razor.

The problem isn’t racism, bigotry, or unfairness.

The problem is topology.

The earth is a sphere and you can’t lay a sphere flat.

That is a Mercator projection map.

Every map has advantages and disadvantages, chosen for a reason.

Mercato projections have the advantage of consistent orientation.  Everywhere on the map, north is up, south us down, west is left, and east is right.  Longitude and latitude are at right angles so distances between two points are a straight line.  That is done by sacrificing scale.  Scale changes as latitude changes and it increases further north you go.

The right angle orientation makes it an easy map for novices to use.

It has nothing to do with diminishing Africa or privileging Europe.  It’s a useful projection for maritime navigation.

The Mollweide projection attempts to keep scale but as you can see, longitude cants towards the polls so north is only up at the equator.



A Goode’s projection attempts to keep scale and orientation, but ends of creating dead spaces.  You can’t draw a line between two points across oceans.


It’s a shitty map for navigation.

This dufus’s map attempts to keep orientation like a Mercator but proper scale, so ends up creating huge dead spaces between countries that eliminates relative positions.

There are real reasons of topology and cartography that maps look a certain way, and in none of them was “Africa is full of black people so I’m going to make it smaller to it seems less important” the motivating factor.

If you really want to teach kids about how the earth looks, don’t get a Woke teacher, get a fucking globe.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Woke cartography is stupid”
  1. Just like(believe it or not) our targets in nra shooting classes cant be “human shaped”, paper plates on cardboard. Cancel culture is getting so old even the stupid people are tired of it.

  2. Sort of a related note. In recent months I’ve noticed Google Maps routing me through “interesting” or “vibrant” areas of “cultural enrichment,” even when they are – to me, anyway – obviously not the fastest or most fuel-efficient routes.
    Now, that might be the results of having closed solution to the Traveling Salesman problem and thus any route optimization is generally an approximation, and the route-planning algorithm just gets stuck in a local optimum.
    But it might not; and given the instances when it happened, I really do have to wonder.

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