I understand why some people fear the new Thor movie. Disney made a complete woke hash of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The Falcon side of the story was nothing more than a huge BLM-scripted propaganda bit going as far as shitting on the memory of Steve Rogers who allegedly was a true friend of Sam Wilson. The series is somewhat watchable only because the emotional shit Bucky Barnes deals with after being deprogrammed.

People are understandably freaking out at the idea of a female Thor. The character that Natalie Portman is playing is of Thor’s old flame according to IMDB and if she is holding the damned hammer, it is because she is worthy, just as Captain America was. And I would not put it pass the writers to have this as some legacy from Frigga who thought Jane was a good woman, deserving to be part of the family.

Just my opinion. Let’s wait for the movie.

I know, I am probably wrong.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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15 thoughts on “Woke Disney and Thor”
  1. I enjoyed the general story of F/WS but that whole subplot ruined it. It’s unlikely it will be re-watched.

    As for the new Thor…The last thing Portman was good in was ‘The Professional’.

  2. Thor – big red beard and all – did after all wear drag once to fool a particularly dim giant. (You can do that kind of thing when you’re a deity, and when your story is all words and no pictures.)
    Then the comic books came along, shaved his beard, bleached his hair, replaced his hammer with something completely unrecognizable, and, IIRC, made him actually female at one point. (Loki was once sufficiently female, in equine form, to bear a foal, but that’s another matter, and besides, Loki is a Trickster, which Thor is very much not.)

    1. Loki is also, in the original myths, the Father (and Mother) of monsters, having also caused the Midgard Serpent and the Fenris Wolf along with Sleipner the 8-legged horse to be born, along with a host of other little horrors.

  3. Conveniently ignored is that the Lady Thor plot in Marvel Comics was greeted with anemic sales.

    This goes back to a major problem these entertainment companies have. If they start discarding their older properties in favor of newer, ‘woke’ ones, not only are they risking lost sales, but also those abandoned properties slipping out of their grasp.

    1. Sales weren’t anemic. Volume 4 and 5 of Thor were some of the best performing books in Marvel’s lineup at the time.

      (The industry, as a whole, doesn’t perform nearly as well as it did in the Sixties and Seventies and that was a shadow of what they did in the Forties… But that’s just an overall trend in media.)

    1. The only crying will be Disney accountants when these movies aren’t the money printers they thought they would be.

  4. Jane becoming Thor isn’t the first time they used the “if you’re worthy you get his powers from the hammer” bit. She’s like the third or fourth.

    The thing that sucks is them pushing the Jane Thor and flat ignoring one of the best Thor stories ever printed using the hammer/worthiness gimmick. Beta Ray Bill.

    The Marvel Universe has done enough background laying to do it now and they just keep skipping it.

  5. At a basic level, while they have gone woke with these stories, its been pretty low key, more so than they could have made it. Falcon becoming CA is a natural progression. The worst example was probably the Wakanda being some super rich high-tech secret empire in Africa. The bigger problem with MCU is that the stories have gone so far off the deep end (multiverse, all the time mixing, etc the time police in Loki’s series, good gawd). It’s exhausting, and now they can pretty much make anything happen, which will make the writers get lazy and eventually its not going to be watchable anymore. I’m already yawning.

    1. Wakanda has always been a super-rich, super high-tech, super secretive society. That’s been it’s schtick since Jack Kirby and Stan Lee created it sixty-odd years ago…

  6. The “Jane Foster as Thor” plot will draw heavily from a similar storyline in the comics; specifically Thor (Vol. 4) December, 2014—July, 2015 and Thor (Vol. 5) January, 2016—November, 2017.

    Far from the typical “go woke, go broke” trend, these was the best selling period of Thor’s solo book in decades. Routinely selling in the top ten books Marvel was selling any given month.

    For reasons having to do with the previous events of the Thor and Avengers books, the original Thor lost his worthiness to use the hammer… and Jane Foster (who hadn’t been a regular character in the books in eons) picked up where he left off. Gaining the old transformation into Thor power that the original Donald Blake secret identity had. The unique twist being that Jane was undergoing chemotherapy to treat her cancer, but every time she transformed from Jane to Thor back to Jane, the chemo radiation was “healed” by the magic resetting her body back to its natural state.

    It made for quite a bit of pathos, alongside the usual punching bad guys in the face adventure.

    I’m actually worried that the upcoming movie won’t include enough focus on Jane.

  7. At this point … I’m kind of Marveled out, just like I’m kind of Star Wars’d out.
    I’ll catch the movies when they come out on pay-per-view, maybe, or I can just wait long enough that they show up in the Southwest free movie list; I fly enough these days. (I saw “Black Window” and “The Eternals” that way, for instance. I might have lost a little by not seeing them on The Big Screen … but not $20 worth of loss, I think.)

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