I caught this section of text from a presentation on gender theory:

“Modern Western societies appraise sex acts according to a hierarchical system of sexual value. Marital, reproductive heterosexuals are alone at the top erotic pyramid. Clamouring below are unmarried monogamous heterosexuals in couples, followed by most other heterosexuals. Solitary sex floats ambiguously. The powerful nineteenth-century stigma on masturbation lingers in less potent, modified forms, such as the idea that masturbation is an inferior substitute for partnered encounters. Stable, long-term lesbian and gay male couples are verging on respectability, but bar dykes and promiscuous gay men are hovering just above the groups at the very bottom of the pyramid. The most despised sexual castes currently include transsexuals, transvestites, fetishists, sadomasochists, sex workers such as prostitutes and porn models, and the lowliest of all, those whose eroticism transgresses generational boundaries.” Gayle Rubin, “Thinking Sex”

Woke gender theory believes that the hierarchy of socially appropriate sex is a conspiracy to oppress the marginalized.

In reality, the people at the top of the pyramid are generally happy and healthy, and the further down you go the more people are depressed, miserable, on drugs, and are diseased.

Monogamy and bearing children is the safest and most fulfilling sexual practice.

Promiscuity and hookup culture leaves people feeling empty.

The promiscuous gay culture is currently a monkeypox brush fire.

It’s almost as if the socially desired behaviors are good for people and society and the socially undesirable behaviors are bad for people and society.

One might even consider that a wise culture would recognize this and create social norms and customs to reinforce good behaviors and dissuade harmful behavior.

But the Left sees that as oppression.

The only freedom that the Left wants is the freedom to do things that are knowingly harmful without judgment or consequences.


The wife read this post and pointed something out to me that I missed in the deliberately obtuse language of the quote.

“And the lowliest of all, those whose eroticism transgresses generational boundaries.”


This means pedophiles.

This woman is a pedophile apologist.

There is nothing more destructive, sexually, than pedophilia.  Children who are the victims of that are generally scarred for life.

No quarter, no mercy for pedophiles.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Woke gender theory is bad for society – update”
  1. And its a teeny tiny itsy bitsy percent of the population……. We the People should give liberals the northeast.. anyone who loves America move to where we would be welcome. Anyone who wants the liberal utopia move north. Then we ignore them all.. Or we just wait and all that immoral living will eventually get rid of them hahahahahaha

  2. First of all, Woke anything is bad for society. Mainly because it flies in the face of human nature, but also because it has the effect of destroying interpersonal relationships.
    Remember, for the leftist, your only real relationship is to be with the all powerful State. All other relationships are secondary. The push for gay marriage was not about equality, it was about destroying marriage. This push for grooming kids to be transgender is about ruining the parent/child relationship, as well as the male female relationship.
    Finally, woke is nothing more than destroying the language. If someone has an XY chromosome pair, they are male. End of story. But, not in wokeland. There, they can be whatever word they want to be. The issue is not gender, it is altering the tool we call language and making it meaningless. When using tools, it is VITAL you use the correct term. Imagine if the surgeon and their assisting nurse spoke different languages? Or if the pilot used a totally different lexicon than the air traffic controller?
    It is what woke does. It destroys the tools that unify people. All with the intent to build an all powerful state.

  3. On the pedo thing, that is just a reminder that you are nothing except a mindless meat sack to the all powerful State. Your children are for the State’s consumption.
    Further to that, it is not just the State that is going to consume your children, it is important that society as a whole devalues your child. Everyone who supports the leftists seems to think they will be the ones in charge, they will be the ones in the gated estates, etc… They believe they will be the ones in power.
    And, the ones that will really be in power, the ones that are using the wokesters as today’s useful idiots, know human nature as well. They know they have to entertain the masses, and give them something that makes them feel powerful, feel in control. It is bread and circuses, put on solely to keep the wokesters too interested in playing with their little toys to care what is happening behind the scenes.
    Giving your child to a pedophile is no different than giving idiots with useless degrees student loan relief. It is using your money/family as a bribe to their base.

  4. The whole purpose of the “gender studies” nonsense is to force people to swear to the truth of the most obvious lie anyone has ever told. Once people swallow that lie, their resistance to telling the next lie is lower. And on it goes, lie after lie, until the Party loyals can’t exist without the Party telling them what to believe.

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