Woke LA DA George Gascon says he doesn’t want to send transgender woman, 26, who sexually assaulted girl, 10, when she was 17 to adult jail over fears she’ll be attacked because of her gender identity

A mentally disturbed transgender woman who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl could be allowed to serve her sentence under house arrest, after the Los Angeles County district attorney refused to prosecute the 26-year-old as an adult for the crime committed shortly before their 18th birthday.

Tubbs was a boy named James when, on New Year’s Eve in 2014, he spotted a 10-year-old girl at a Denny’s in Palmdale, California.

He followed the girl into the bathroom, held her by the throat and forced his hand down the girl’s pants. He only stopped when someone came into the restroom, and then ran away before he could be stopped. He was two weeks off his 18th birthday at the time – with Gascon refusing to sentence Tubbs as an adult because the defendant was 17 when the attack took place.

Hannah Tubbs pleaded guilty to the 2014 crime after being charged in early 2020, and will be sentenced later this month.

But Gascon has said that he will not press for jail time in an adult facility, as the crime was committed while Tubbs was a minor.

Tubbs instead faces a stay at a juvenile custody facility – even though she is too old for juvenile hall – or will be granted probation at a court, according to the LA Times.

Gascon told the outlet he was concerned Tubbs could be victimized in an adult facility as a trans woman and said a probation report recommended she be sentenced to home confinement.

So in LA, being trans and raping a 10-year-old girl carries the same penalty as not getting vaccinated.  At home lockdown.

This is why I advocate for immediate woodchippering of pedophiles.

You don’t have to worry about their gender or how they will be treated in gen-pop.

The woodchipper does not discriminate.  All pedophiles are reduced to the same size chunks.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Woke means prioritizing a transgender rapist over his victims”
  1. Let us also not forget the FIVE AND A HALF YEAR delay between commission of crime and the charges being filed. That’s also unconscionable.

  2. Right, so because of fears that Tubbs will be victimized in adult prison, you instead put the sex offender in the childrens prison. Way to go California.

  3. Where do you put the convict?

    Male Prison? General Population? A bullet in the back of the head would be kinder.

    Female Prison? It likes to accost and assault young and vulnerable females. It will likely victimize women just like it would be victimized in a male prison. Last thing you do is put an ADULT that Sexually Assaults Young Preteen Women in a Juvenile Setting.

    My recommendation: Put the offender in a male Prison in Administrative Segregation / Solitary. It will be safe and not offend while in custody.

    LA DA Gascon is a sick perverted individual. He is purposefully causing havoc. If LA does not recall him in June, they deserve to be nuked.

    1. Rd, I fail to see the problem with putting this alleged rapist, once duly convicted, in the general population of the men’s prison.

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