This Tweet blew my mind

No way that is real.

What did the news say:

Suspicious flight attendants are hailed as heroes after alerting cops to human trafficking suspect who boarded a flight with three young girls

  • An older Asian man aroused suspicion on a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu when he boarded with three Caucasian girls
  • Flight attendant Wesley Hirata said he ‘sensed something wasn’t right’
  • All three girls had the same name on their boarding pass and one was underage
  • Honolulu sheriffs have turned the case over to the FBI
  • The suspect’s name has not been released
  • FBI investigated, and quickly established no offence had been committed

I thing that stuck out at me the most was the “all three girls had the same name on their boarding pass” part.  That seems like a big red flag or something.

I’ve never worked as a flight attendant, but I have worked security.  It doesn’t take long to develop a sense, where you notice people’s behavior and what signals they a giving off.  People can act suspiciously.  A kid trying to pocket a candy bar acts differently than a kid who is buying a snack.  I’ve seen it.

I’d assume that after handling tens of thousands of passengers in the post 9/11 era, flight attendants would develop the same sense for disruptive passengers, potential terrorists, people trafficking contraband, etc.

After the FBI investigated it turns out everything was legitimate, although I want to know what was up with the boarding pass name thing.

But Ms. Levy doubled down.

See, in her world, the only way to know if something is off is to be a racist.  This is why people like her hate police profiling.  It’s not that a cop learns to see the signs someone might be carrying an illegal gun or doing something illicit.  The only thing they notice is race.

This is the opposite of situational awareness.

Welcome to Woke, where it’s better to allow children to be kidnapped and raped than to show any signs of racism.

I wonder what a person like this does when a man on a hot day wearing an overcoat yells “Allahu Akbar?”


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Woke standards”
  1. Keep in mind the news rarely gets all the facts right in one go, or even in three or four attempts. Could be that they all had similar names, or the names were incorrectly entered by someone (a parent, the travel agent, etc).

  2. I take the opposite stance. An Asian man is flying with two women and a girl. All three women have the same last name. The flight attendant, absent any other information, decides to be an interfering asshole and call the cops.

    After investigating, it turns out that the man was a relative of the girls and there was no crime. They didn’t do a thing about human trafficking, because no human trafficking was taking place. All they did was cause this man a lot of headaches when there was no evidence of a crime being committed.

    I am sick of being a suspect everywhere I go. I go to the store, and I get my bags searched on my way out. Don’t even get me started on the Soviet style tactics at the airport. Maybe flight attendants should mind their own business.

  3. “Flight attendant Wesley Hirata” — sounds as if he’s Asian himself. Surprised they didn’t call him a “race traitor” or whatnot.

  4. “I wonder what a person like this does when a man on a hot day wearing an overcoat yells “Allahu Akbar?””
    Assume he’s Hawaiian and looking for the snack bar?

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