Brady Gun Taken Away

DOVER-FOXCROFT, Maine — The man suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend in Parkman was unarmed when he climbed through a window of her house but took the handgun she fired at him and shot her with it, according to a law enforcement official.
Robert Burton was wounded by Stephanie Ginn Gebo before he turned the gun on her, Piscataquis County Sheriff John Goggin told WVII TV on Thursday.Burton, 38, is wanted for murder in connection with Ginn Gebo’s death. He has been the subject of an intense manhunt since her body was discovered in her home on June 5.
“As he was climbing through the window that night, his would-be victim had a handgun and she shot at him,” Goggin said in the interview with the Bangor TV station. “He wasn’t armed at that time. She wounded him slightly, they got in a tussle over the gun and he just lost it. He got the gun away from her and he shot her and he killed her.”

Source: Report: Parkman murder suspect took victim’s gun, shot her — Piscataquis — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

And the Brady Campaign must be burning whatever leftover firecrackers they had from the Fourth of July. Finally one recorded incident where a woman got her gun taken away from her and killed!

I had not heard of an incident like this since I started blogging. Do not mean they have not happened, but if they did, we would have heard from the Usual Suspects. Instead we keep hearing two things: 1) The same trite fake statistics that a gun is more dangerous to the woman than the guy attacking her and 2) Armed Women actually being awfully good at defending themselves and their families from attacks because they had a gun.

But don’t let that stop the Bradys (and I am sure the rest of the lot will pick it up soon) from doing a whole tap dancing on the blood of the victim.

And yes, gun will make you safer, but not 100% safer. We leave those false hopeful assurances to their side.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

14 thoughts on “Woman gets killed with her own gun. Brady celebrates vindication.”
  1. 1) The people over at Brady are soulless.

    2) I’m pretty sure without the gun, he would have killed her anyway.

    1. Was just coming in to comment, so if she hadn’t had a gun the intruder definitely would have calmly invited her to tea and read her poetry, right?

      She died fighting, and that’s more respectable than anything anybody in the CSGV will ever do.

      1. Looking at other news sites, the guy has a long history of domestic violence arrests and time in jail. He has terrorized, threatened to kill, beat and choked other women in his past. He broke probation to go after an ex. He threatened to kill one ex’s mother with a stolen rifle after breaking into her house.

        This is EXACTLY the type of POS that a woman should have access to lethal force do defend themselves against. It’s just sad that the woman he was after, for what ever reason, didn’t finish him off. One can only hope that if the police don’t get him, the next house he breaks into, the resident lobs a couple of loads of buckshot into him and stops him for good.

        When I lived in SD, we had a suspect on the run for a few days in our town. I carry, my wife does not. She can shoot a shotgun but not handguns. So I drove her to and from work every day packing my 357 snub. I wasn’t the only guy doing that

        1. How many people did he kill prior to that event? Why didn’t he have a gun when entering if he planned on killing her? I thought criminals have easy access to guns. The bottom line is that he has never killed anyone and there was no indication he would have killed her. But Annie Oakley had to pull her weapon and well…look what happened.

  2. Nothing except Jesus is 100%. From the wording of the article, sounds like she only wounded him and the guy maybe was hyped up on drugs or she only grazed him so the wound didn’t slow him down. Caliber may have played a part also.

  3. Is it repetitious to say something over again? 😉 Having a gun is not being in possession of a magic talisman that will protect you by it’s mere existence. Guns are like all other tools – the better you know how to use them the better they will work for you.

    An ex-boyfriend climbing in through the window at night is probably not there to sit down over a cup of tea and talk about the good times they had and how he screwed up the relationship. He’s probably not there to return that cute teddy bear she used to cuddle with that got left behind when she moved out.

    But the Bradys still rather that she not use the most efficient and most effective means of not allowing someone to do physical violence to her. They have been known to suggest that that it better to take a beating than try to kill the person beating you. You have no option but to admire the mental processes that lead to that conclusion – much as you cannot help but to admire a train wreck as it is happening. (Yes, “admire” as in watch with some compulsive interest.)

    stay safe.

    1. Yes, it is better to take the beating than to kill your attacker.
      $300 per month disability is better than driving a truck all over the country or doing other work and I’ve gotten used to the headaches and if I close one eyethe double vision goes away.

  4. Are they still trotting out that thoroughly discredited study that was done years ago? They weren’t even able to sneak it into that biased wikipedia artlcle…

  5. So, if a police officer get killed after a crim grabs their gun, does that also mean cops should not be allowed to carry guns?

    Wait, knowing the Brady Bunch, the answer is yes.

  6. The only lesson here is that the woman should have continued firing until the threat was neutralized. That is a good argument for getting training so you will be accurate and that real standard capacity magazines (i.e. > 10 rounds) are what is required in such a high stress life-or-death situation.

    I wish she would have survived and the perp had assumed ambient temperature, but this is an imperfect world and evil exists so the ideal resolution is not always realized.

    So, how would being disarmed have helped her according to the souless ghouls at the BC? Did the gun provoke the murderer who was in the process of climbing through a window to gain entrance? Clearly, as has been noted by others here, he had supreme evil intent. I find the BC to be akin to the criminal conspirators who hold down a woman so they can take turns raping her. They offer nothing, only fear, death and enfeeblement. There is your War on Women meme.

  7. She got a shot off. She missed- or should have kept shooting.

    What’s the message to women from the antis anyway? Don’t bother defending yourself period? Other weapons like knives, mace, and tasers, are even more likely to be taken away because they are not as effective at distance as guns.

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