Seattle police stopped investigating new adult sexual assaults this year, memo shows

Seattle police’s sexual assault and child abuse unit staff has been so depleted that it stopped assigning to detectives this year new cases with adult victims, according to an internal memo sent to interim police Chief Adrian Diaz in April.

The unit’s sergeant put her staffing crisis in stark terms.

“The community expects our agency to respond to reports of sexual violence,” Sgt. Pamela St. John wrote, “and at current staffing levels that objective is unattainable.”

Now the department’s lack of attention to its sexual assault unit is threatening the viability of cases, as delayed investigations and evidence collection possibly hinder their outcomes.

In the memo, St. John went on to say that she was not “able to assign adult sexual assault cases” that came into her unit. Cases involving children and adult cases that had a suspect in custody — a fraction of adult sexual assaults reported to police — were being prioritized. The unit just had too few detectives.

This is the same thing we’ve seen in California with property crime.

Too few cops unable to investigating crime that doesn’t get prosecuted ends up as de facto decriminalization.

We’ve all seen the videos of looting in San Francisco and Los Angeles stores.

Rape is about to explode off the charts in Seattle because there will be no arrests and prosecutions of rapists.

Ladies, you are on your own.  The cops will not help you.

Get a Washington Concealed Pistol License and carry.

I’ll say it again: it’s difficult for a rapist to maintain an erection while suffering from hypovolemic shock.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Women in Seattle need to carry guns, Seattle decriminalized rape”
  1. >Get a Washington Concealed Pistol License and carry.

    Is that even possible, along with actually using it in self defense? Better to just get the hell out of Washington IMO.

    1. Probably the best immediate option. I think eastern Washington is a bit different than the coast/Seattle, so you wouldn’t have to move very far to get a different community experience.

      Degradation of LE in major cities and the resultant increase of crimes across the board needs to be hung around the necks of all democrat leadership.

  2. I wonder if the problem isn’t so much that there aren’t enough police to investigate these cases, but rather that they are assigned to the wrong departments. Does anyone know?

  3. Chiefie was on Seattle TV tonight saying they’re gonna have HUMAN RESOURCES people follow up on rape cases…

    Yeah, that’ll work.

    BTW, Washington State a MUST ISSUE CWP state.

    I call the roughly 20 mile wide band around Puget Sound Pugetopia. It runs mostly on whale shit and unicorn farts.

    The rest of the state is relatively sane.

    Another BTW, we booted Dimslee out of Eastern Wa 30 + years ago after he voted for some gun control laws. He’s a real POS.

    Oh yeah, it took three recounts and some “found” ballots to defeat Dino Rossi (R) when he was running for Governor. Supplied by King county, naturally..

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