Yesterday was International Women’s’ Day.  I was, for the most part going to ignore the predictable moral preening from Western Women on the internet.

Tweets like this from or secular savior Greta Tunberg are a goulash of intersectional Leftist gibberish.

Blah blah blah…

I’m ever so slightly sick of millionaire celebrities and activists telling me how oppressed they are.

Just once I want a feminist to say that it’s unfair that men make up 93% of all work-related fatalities, and more women should go into trucking and roofing and risk ending up crippled or dead to feed their kids.

I was scrolling through the hashtag #InternationalWomensDay when I saw this Tweet:

This is an anti-Semitic lie.

First of all, this shooting didn’t happen on International Women’s Day.  Even if it did, so what?  Is it some sort of get out of jail free day where women are allowed to commit murder and not be dealt with by the authorities?

That is important because, second, this shooting occurred because that woman attacked guards at an Israeli checkpoint and tried to stab them with a knife.

You can see one of the police officers kick the knife away from her after she goes down.  Anti-Semites are too stupid to edit that part out of the video for their evil propaganda.  They can’t tell the truth or their hatred of Israel stops being so easily justified and they are exposed for being the actual Jew-haters that they are.  Only through extreme mendacity can they masquerade their bigotry as a virtue.

But then I realized that in many ways, the Palestinians are really a much more feminist society than the West, and they forced Israel to become the equal society that the feminists say they want.

The Palestinians learned that Israelis, like many civilized societies, have a natural desire to not hurt women.  So they started recruiting women to be terrorists and suicide bombers.  Israelis were not inclined to search Palestinian women as thoroughly or be rough with them when trying to maintain command and control.  Consequently, women were more effective at getting closer with a knife or hiding a bomb.

Nothing says “female empowerment” like a pregnant suicide bomber.  In Palestine, a woman can truly have it all: children and the glory of martyrdom.

In fact, nearly half of all suicide bombers in some terrorist groups were women.  That’s a far more equal work-related fatality rate than we have in the West where we try to protect women from death and dismemberment.

Of course, this has forced the Israelis to have a mindset of equality.

Not just are Israeli women required to perform military service just like men, they serve in combat arms like the men, but Israeli soldiers have been forced to see Palestsianin women as potential threats and have to shoot them when necessary.

In Israel, they don’t see gender, they just see a knife or a bomb.

Maybe this is why the intersectional feminists love the radical Muslims so much.  It’s radical Islam that has truly achieved equality, in that they are just as willing so sent their wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters, even the pregnant ones, to die as martyrs and suicide bombers as they are their husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Women’s equality in Palestine or If anti-Zionists are righteous why do they always lie?”
  1. Hey, angry Pippi Longstocking, tell your parents that nobody believes the crap the write for you to post online. And when y’all get Xi Jinping’s & Putin’s attention and get them to cut down on their polluting, THEN we might pay some attention to your desperate “look-at-me!” rants.

  2. “If anti-Zionists are righteous, why do they always lie?”
    Because leftists so not believe in sin. Righteousness to them is achievable only through causes and the advocacy thereof; in their twisted pseudo-theology, it is impossible for any action taken in support of “the righteous cause” to be immoral in the first place. Lying, stealing, cheating, assault, even murder; all can only be judged through the lens of The Cause.
    If The Cause is “environmentalism,” then even environmental destruction is permissable.
    If The Cause is “economic justice,” it’s ok to ravage economies.
    If The Cause is “gay/queer/LGTBBQ/trans rights,” then destruction of the family and sexual exploitation of women and children is allowed.
    If The Cause is “Orange Man Bad,” everything becomes a scandal – even if it’s something every president had done for the last hundred years.
    If the cause is “Palestine,” then anything Israel does is automatically a war crime, but anything the “Palestinians” do is “freedom fighting,” no mayter how reprehensible.
    It’s situational morality at its worst.
    And remember, Judaism has “do not bear false witness” as one of its ten base principles in its moral code, but Islam encourages moslems to lie to the infidel.
    Is it any wonder the left finds common cause with them?

  3. Hey Greta:

    Who cares about equality when there are only 12 years left? What difference does it make?

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