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Chris Pratt criticised for T-shirt choice

Chris Pratt is facing criticism over a T-shirt he was pictured wearing featuring a controversial symbol.

Oh God, what controversial symbol?  What benign thing did Chris Pratt do that snowflakes are going to blow out of proportion?

The Marvel star’s top shows the American flag with a coiled snake over the top and a message underneath which reads “Don’t Tread On Me.”

Yes, he did.

The writing and snake combo on its own is depicted on the Gadsden flag; a symbol created by Christopher Gadsden, a Charleston-born brigadier general in the Continental Army.

It came to prominence during the Revolutionary War of the US by colonists who wanted independence from Great Britain.

Also true.  However, it was not the one flag to be emblazoned with DONT TREAD ON ME.  The First Navy Jack of the united states also had those words and an uncoiled snake on a field of red and white stripes.

So Pratt’s shirt is sort of a Gadsden/Navy Jack hybrid.

Although it is one of the symbols and flags used by the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team, Metallica, as well as some libertarian groups, over the years the flag has been adopted by Far Right political groups like the Tea Party, as well as gun-toting supporters of the Second Amendment.

I couldn’t care less about men’s soccer or Metallica.

As for Libertarians, the Tea Party, and Gun Rights groups, for us, the flag still represents what it did when it was first raised by Christopher Gadsden.

“Leave me the fuck alone.”

That is all that we ask.

It has therefore become a symbol of more conservative and far right individuals and, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of the US, it also is “sometimes interpreted to convey racially-tinged messages in some contexts.”

A bunch of Lefty’s don’t like that message because treading is all they know how to do.

It’s why some people are critical of Pratt wearing a T-shirt featuring the Gadsden flag iconography.

Many have posted their feelings about it on Twitter.

“Andy Dwyer would never wear a shirt emblazoned with a white supremacist dogwhistle. Chris Pratt is unequivocally the worst Chris.”

And more words lose their meaning.

Not wanting to have your rights taken away by big government is now white supremacist.

Yep.  The only thing that isn’t racist is being a slave to the bureaucracy.

Yahoo News UK and the Far Left has had it out for Pratt for a while.  Turns out he is slightly conservative (but he hides it) and is a big-time hunter.

This is how Yahoo News UK chose to use that to slander him.

Chris Pratt loses fans after hunting video post

From everything I’ve read about him, Chris Pratt seems to be a very nice, down-to-earth celebrity.  He goes to visit children’s hospitals dressed as his Marvel hero character.

That may be endearing to us “normies” but in the Progressive Celebrity world, rampant narcissism and then trying to buy indulgences by advocating for taxing the shit out of the rich is the only acceptable behavior.

So we are treated to some bullshit about how a flag representing the desire for American independence from tyranny is now white supremacist by the people who lost that particular war.

2019 is stupid because people like this write stupid shit.

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By J. Kb

One thought on “Word lose even more meaning and Yahoo UK is still salty about losing the war”
  1. “Andy Dwyer would never wear a shirt emblazoned with a white supremacist dogwhistle. Chris Pratt is unequivocally the worst Chris.”

    …maybe, if YOU are hearing a “dog whistle”, then…

    YOU are the dog?

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