I’m reading the transcript of Judge Benitez’s conference meeting with the 2A cases out in California.

He has four 2A cases in front of him right now. He told the state: Put together a spreadsheet like summary of all the laws, regulations, and ordinances that you feel support your case. I want just one for all four cases. You will meet with the plaintiffs to go over those laws and they can object are not.

MR. DILLON(GG): It will just be a straight list of the laws. We will have a chance to review it as Plaintiffs. And like a summary judgment, if we have a contested issue of the summary of the law that they present, we can note that contest in the — you know, a joint document? Is that what you’re —

THE COURT(St. B): Sounds reasonable. Sounds reasonable to me.

MR. DILLON: No problem. Thank you, Your Honor.

MR. KELLY(BG): Your Honor, I think we would object to that as well. I think we would want, if we need to, to introduce experts to interpret some of the laws and the standards —


MR. KELLY: — in the language —


MR. KELLY: — and the statute —

THE COURT: No. Look — no, no.

Mr. Kelly, with all due respect, I don’t need — every one of these experts that you’ve put forth, I have read, just like experts that they have put forth, like Mr. Copill, for example. Your experts — these are people that have, you know, biased points of view. I mean, Mr. Bosey, for example — I hope I’m pronouncing his name. The fellow who worked for —

MR. MOROS: Kimber, Your Honor.

THE COURT: Kimber. Yeah. Who at some point in time had an epiphany and realized that all the work that he’d been doing for all these years, selling these weapons to the public was not good. And now he works — he’s a consultant for Everytown — I’m trying to remember.

Anyway, look. These people’s opinions of what these statutes say, right, means nothing. It means nothing. It’s like, I remember — I think it was Justice Brier in — I think it was Bruen, who talked about, “Well, we need to have this factual record,” and this and that, what have you.

No. 702 says that the admission of expert testimony is help — is possible if, because of the expert’s knowledge, skill, or experience, it will assist the trier of fact. Okay.

But there’s nothing. I mean, I’ve read these declarations. Every one of these folks come in here with a biased — it’s not like they’re really neutral experts, okay, or they’re not experts who’ve come up on these opinions as a result of these cases, okay, doing research for these cases. These are all people that already come with preconceived ideas and opinions, but their opinion is not worth any more than your opinion or her opinion. They’re going to tell me, “Well, in my opinion, if you look at this statute, this statute means that — you know, that the State of Wyoming regulated concealed carry of brass knuckles,” and so I can read that. I can figure that out by myself.

Damn…. This Judge Benitez gets it. He doesn’t need some opinion from an Everytown shill telling him, an actual legal expert, what a statue means.

Just wow.

More later.

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