From MarketWatch comes a story reporting on how the streets are going to run red with blood, now that Bruen says that just any old person can have a CCW.

Concealed-carry laws boost gun crime by a third, study finds

A new study finds concealed-carry laws lead to a boost in gun crime by between 29% and 32%, mostly by triggering a surge in gun theft.

The study comes on the heels of a Supreme Court ruling that struck down New York’s attempt to limit the ability to carry a gun outside their homes. That ruling was seen as particularly significant as other states have sought to restrict concealed-carry permits.

Oh, it isn’t people being shot. It is guns being stolen.

They study looked at 47 cities from 1979 through 2019. They then compare, via differential timing, crime.

It seems that the problem is that those CCW holders are having their guns taken. Opps, it doesn’t say that. It just says that more guns are stolen in states where CCW is allowed. Well in cities in states where CCW is allowed.

It is likely that what happened is that there were indeed more guns available to be stolen. This increases the number of times that guns are stolen. It is also likely that people were more willing to report stolen guns once it was legal for them to actually have them.

It is my opinion that part of it is the sensative places issue. If you are trying to follow the law and you are coming to a place where carry is prohibited, you have to do something with your firearm. It is unfortunately true that too many guns are left loose in locked cars. Waiting to be taken.

The article strongly suggests that the person that was just ripped off, having had hundreds of dollars worth of gun(s) taken from him should be sent to jail for “negligent gun practices” which includes leaving firearms in cars.

All in all it is an interesting read. Give them the click and read it yourself. Maybe you can parse it better than I.

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3 thoughts on “Words Have Meaning: Gun Crime”
  1. Cook is well known for making lots of ‘assumptions’ in his works and mix/matching datasets to get the results he wants. Both he and Donahue are long time anti-gun activists who get money from the Joyce foundation and other anti-gun sources to push this crap.

  2. Remove the word “gun” from the word “crime” and suddenly the story is extremely different. Same with violence.
    The gun grabbers will always cite stats about how the places with most restrictive gun control laws have the lowest “gun crime” or “gun violence” but when you look at all violent crimes, the rates are always much higher.
    I guess if you are terrified of guns, you think being stabbed to death is somehow not violent.

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