It’s amazing just how effective good dads are at encouraging good behavior.

A group of dad were able to do what an army of credentialed experts could not.

Paranoid, conspiracy me recognizes the problem here.

A bunch of dads doing dad things doesn’t give a government official and multi million dollar budget to hire credentialed useless people to continue to fuck things up in perpetuity.

It really seems like if one particular political party wanted to create milti trillion dollar bureaucratic empire of credentialed useless people so they could shovel endless sums if money into their and their friends pockets, the first thing to do is to create policy that incentivized fatherless homes to kick start a social crisis needing intervention.

I fully support these dads.

My fear is that there are bureaucrats watching this thinking: I’m going to lose my budget if those dads are successful, I’m going to have to stop them.

Then said bureaucrat will go to his elected superiors and convince them to shut down the dads for lacking useless degrees that only the approved credentialed experts have.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, yes I absolutely believe that the bureaucratic state is the enemy of the people and deliberately causes problems so they can justify getting the budget to solve – but not actually solve – the problems they created.

In the black community that problem is dads.  The bureaucratic state got rid of the black dads so they could get money to step in and address the social problems the lack of dads causes.  Literally destroyed the black community for generations to fluff their budgets.

And the proof is this video.

Forty volunteer black dads did what the entire social work and public education bureaucratic state couldn’t, all in a couple of days and without a dime in taxpayer money.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Worked like magic without a dime of government money”
  1. Oh yeah. They are toast. Not for a few weeks until attention moves away. But they will be “trained” and marginalized and squeezed out.

    1. Yeah. They’re doing good, all by themselves, as it should be. But it’s a glorious opportunity for Professional Organizers to step in, turn them into a real organization, and turn the whole thing into a grift.
      Ordinarily, the process would take decades. Nowadays, the grifters are sharp, organized, and ready to pounce. Figure less than a year before their name is a registered trademark belonging to a national organization, the fundraising/blackmail operation is in full swing, and the founders have been entirely squeezed out.

    1. Ow, you reminded me of LBJ’s boast following his signing of one or the other of the “Great Society” bills: “I’ll have those [persons of African ancestry] voting Democrat for the next 200 years.”

      He’s been right so far. It will take the return of Dads to most families to make him wrong.

  2. “A group of dad were able to do what an army of credentialed experts could not.”

    There it is. Right there. The problem with credentials is you tend to forget you still know nothing.

    But, the credentialed experts also do not think dads are a requirement.

  3. This is my favorite post of 2021. Since we’re all convinced their actions will be subverted & poisoned, what should we do to stop it?
    Pondering how to let this light shine…

  4. You see the same thing with the ‘Dixie Navy’ and other non NGO groups that do most of the real lifting during any crisis Down South.

    Which are vilified by media and big government for ‘not having the proper training’ or ‘not being credentialed’ or any other bs reason like ‘not able to grift money from them.’

  5. I was listeninng to a church program one day. A black preacher was talking, I thought it was TD(something, I cant remember his name). It wasnt but he had his style. He was talkin about a heard of elephants with lots of young male elephants, no adult males. The young males were running wild until they moved 2 bull elephants in- all the bullshit stopped. Then he was talkin about a school, same problem. They brought in some guys and all the shit stopped.
    Bravo to these dads. America is waking up.

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