Just happened this morning.

ANTIOCH, Tenn. (WKRN) — Three employees were shot and the suspected gunman died after he was shot by a Metro officer while fleeing the scene at an Antioch business early Tuesday morning.
Officers were called to the SmileDirectClub warehouse at 1530 Antioch Pike just after 6 a.m.
Metro police reported a 22-year-old man, who works the day shift at the business, came in during shift change and opened fire. A total of three employees were shot, one was shot in the chest, another in the abdomen and a third in the leg, according to Metro police. One of the victims is in critical condition but Metro police did not specify which victim was critically injured.
Two of the victims were security guards employed by Allied Universal Security while the third was an employee of SmileDirectClub.

Antioch business shooting: 3 employees shot, gunman killed (wkrn.com)

And I know you have a pressing question and the answer was given by the company itself:

SmileDirectClub released a statement regarding the shooting, which reads:

“SmileDirectClub is saddened at the shooting that took place at its manufacturing facilities this morning. The incident was contained quickly by security personnel on site. The safety of our team members is a top priority for our Company and we maintain strict security protocols and a no weapons policy at all of our facilities. We are working with the local police as they investigate this matter.”

I am going to go on a limb here and say your company fucking failed on both accounts! Are we to presume the shooter missed the hiring package part about the gun weapons policy or you just simply created an environment where a predator could come and shoot your employees at will because he knew they were unarmed and incapable of defending themselves?

And one last thing: Uniformed personnel gets the first bullets in a event like this. But for some reason (I might be wrong) I believe the security guards were probably unarmed.

I guess there are Gun Free Zones everywhere.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “Workplace shooting & a lesson lost.”
  1. There are a couple of videos of people trying to figure out what a CCW or OC person could do in such an event.

    There is the famous one where they gave a fake gun to a person that had never handled a gun before and then put him in a lecture hall as the sheep dog. The first thing he did was inform all around him that he was the sheep dog and how cool was that.

    The next thing that happened is that the “bad guys” came into the room. Sheep dog stands up fumbles with the fake gun and takes rounds. Thus proving that CCW holder is useless in such a situation.

    The bad guys coming into the room were primed to look for the kid drawing down on them and of course responded and took out the kid.

    The second set of videos was done down in Texas and was much more realistic. They took people with random amounts of training. Then they did a work place shooting scenario with the blue safety guns. I don’t remember but they go pop and do fire something but they aren’t harmful.

    Most of the time the CCW person reduced the number of dead/wounded or ended the situation. In all cases, the person carrying stopped the shooter for the time it took the shooter to engage and neutralize the good guy.

    In one case, the good guy choose to OC. When the bad guy entered the room, surprising people he took out the OC. “He was carrying, he had to be taken out right away.” This is the only time that the bad guy per-preemptively shot the good guy (the guy wearing protective gear). He had a reason and it was ok.

    The other interesting one was the guy that heard the shooting in the other room, drew and moved to cover. When the bad guy entered the room he shoot the bad guy multiple times before he was shot.

    In the debrief they asked why he didn’t shoot the bad guy in the head when he saw the bad guy was wearing body armor “I’ve been shot with those things, they HURT. I didn’t want to hurt him.” I.e. the good guy took a lost because he knew it was not real and he didn’t want to harm the people running the scenario.

    In every occasion where I hear about bad things happening to a good guy with a gun, it is either the good guy going down trying (Guy in Walmart trying to stop bad guy and getting wasted by the bad guy’s partner. If good guy had just dropped the bad guy, no issues), or some shill telling me how it would have been so much worse if the good guy had opened fire.

    1. I wonder if those videos were put together for the specific purpose of making self defense appear to be useless.
      A better answer can be found in real world videos. One that comes to mind is also from Texas, a church shooting where armed parishioners put a quick end to the attacker.

      1. The second set of videos were put together to show what a CCW can accomplish. And it showed that in ALL cases the CCW saved lives, even if they ended up dead.

        The basic assumption was that the bad guy would shoot as many people as they wanted. Even when the good guy went down, this allowed many if not all of the other “victims” to escape.

        The second set of scenarios was designed to learn. The first one was designed to have a predictable outcome. “People think they can hammer spikes. We gave this soy boy a 10lb hammer and told him to pound spikes and look how badly he failed! Nobody can pound spikes except for a professional” vs “Lets get a bunch of people to come try and pound spikes and see how they do”

  2. Back when I used to do security work, I would never work uniformed and unarmed. Didn’t like the idea of being nothing but a trip wire.

  3. The safety of our team members is a top priority for our Company [Oh really!] and we maintain strict security protocols [yeah that worked well for you] and a no weapons policy at all of our facilities.[So the “Security Guards” were the designated bullet stops to (hopefully) allow the rest of the employees to GTF outta there.

  4. “I am going to go on a limb here and say your company fucking failed on both accounts!”

    I have read several times over the years that a wrongful death suit is preferable over a cowboy a shootin’ ‘n’ a hollerin’ around the office.

    Sad and not my preferred mode. After a doctor was murdered at the main hospital in Boston, I concealed a NAA mini revolver in my scrubs. I figured that it would be better than nothing. I couldn’t figure out a way to carry anything better (on my person) and not get caught when changing. (A better option was in my locker–if I was lucky enough to be in the locker room when $hit went down.)

    1. Cool. I have an NAA Mini also, never carried it but I can see how it would be a “better than nothing” option. It sure stings if you load it with high velocity rounds, though.

      PS. speaking of the mini, NAA offers a free upgrade of the cylinder to the one that has safety notches for resting the hammer. I took them up on that. Unfortunately, they also (without asking) replaced everything else (I suppose that was ok) AND they ground off the NAA California address and replaced it by their new address (NOT ok). If you consider having them do that upgrade, you might want to think about whether to tell them to leave the address alone, if you have one stamped with the CA address. I rather liked the humor of that address, and was annoyed when it vanished without authorization.

      1. @pkoning: My revolver already has mid-chamber notches. Hmmm.

        I tried to find a way to carry my .32 Seecamp, but it was “too big” for my pocket. 8>)

        1. Mine was an older model with a plain cylinder, and their old California factory address on the frame. When I sent it in for upgrade, it came back with the new cylinder (nice) and a new address (not nice at all). I don’t actually know if the older address has any collector value, but it bugs me they altered my property without asking.

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