I caught this on the Book of Face.

I love this idea.  I really do.  Nothing irritates people like than when somebody takes a perfectly fun holiday and ruins it with politics.

Nobody likes the cousin who goes on and on about the plight of industrialized farm turkeys and why he/she’s a vegan at Thanksgiving.

Halloween is about two things, scaring kids and CANDY.  This just shows everybody that Shannon Watts and her crew are a bunch of joyless scolds who want to ruin everybody else’s fun.

This is more of a downer than Trick or Treating for UNICEF.

The NRA should respond by handing out full bars.

I can’t wait until Shannon figures out how to ruin Christmas.


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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Worse than candy corn”
  1. Actually, National Pumpkin Day is October 25th.

    The unnecessary political messages are still annoying, and steal all the joy from the otherwise festive occasion, but it is not Halloween.

    For Halloween, I am sure Demanding Moms in Everytown, or whatever they call themselves next week, will be promoting the dead schoolchild, and NRA extremist costumes. For added realism, I am sure the NRA extremist/terrorist will be dying from massive internal damage because they walked in front of a Gun Free Zone sign.

  2. “Moms Demand Action”? Isn’t that what vibrators are for? And isn’t advertising it on a pumpkin kinda crass?

  3. These people are so negative,is it any wonder they want to spoil anything that could be seen as fun and entertaining.They should be ashamed but there not they are proud of themselves.

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