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3 thoughts on “Wreaths Across America: Stones River National Cemetery.”
  1. I was at the Massachusetts Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Agawam, MA with the Patriot Guard for WAA yesterday. It was a large event attended by over 1000 volunteers. As always, when the ceremony is over, I hoof it up the hill to Section 6 where my parents are buried to lay their wreath. I also leave a shiny 2023 penny on top of the stone to signify my visit. I then head back down to Section 1 to do my uncle and aunt. Since the wreath pile is so far from their grave, I grab a willing participant with wreath in hand to lay it on their grave in my presence. They are always happy to oblige. I place a penny on their stone as well. This year it was a group on high school students, and the girl that placed the wreath was interested in the coin tradition so I explained it to them.

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