As the group neared the bank, Ratliff donned a Santa Claus suit he had borrowed from Mrs. Midge Tellet, who ran the boarding house where they had been staying in Wichita Falls. They let Ratliff out several blocks from the bank. Followed by children attracted to “Santa,” Ratliff joined the other three in an alley and led the way into the bank. He did not respond to the greetings directed at Santa, and the other three drew their guns, indicating that it was a holdup.

via SANTA CLAUS BANK ROBBERY | The Handbook of Texas Online| Texas State Historical Association (TSHA).

At least one and it happened in Cisco, Texas on December 23, 1927. It was complete mess and things did not go well for customers or robbers. But at least is good to know that it was not the many-copied idea of some Hollywood writer.

Hat Tip t Sheriff Jim Wilson.

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